Marina O'Connell, Andy Goldring and Hannah Thorogood at 16 ORFC
Phil Moore |
Thursday, 8th January 2015

If ideas where food then the 2015 Oxford Real Farming (ORFC) conference was a veritable cornucopia of nourishment.

Alan Heeks |
Friday, 2nd January 2015

Since earliest times, people have created stories to make sense of their world. In 1978, Thomas Berry1 coined the term, ‘The New Story’. He saw the urgent need to reconnect with the interdependence of all life and the planet, and he believed the root of this reconnection must be story...

Looby Macnamara |
Thursday, 1st January 2015

Traditional for this time of year is the New Year resolutions, a time when we set ourselves new goals and make plans for change in our personal lives. Almost as traditional is the breaking of these new resolutions. There is more to it then just having the desire, obviously. How can we use...

Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 31st December 2014

The 72 hour design course is quite an undertaking to organise. Teachers have to hire venues, provide food for students for two weeks, book field trips, teach an intensive course and market it. It all costs - and that means course fees can be high unless they are subsidised.

Rozie Apps |
Wednesday, 31st December 2014

Working towards a sustainable, ethical and ecological lifestyle is important to the health of our planet and ourselves.

We question where our food comes from, how has it been grown, or where our electricity and energy comes from. Are they renewable? Ethical? Sustainable?

But what...

Paul Alfrey |
Saturday, 27th December 2014

Over an eight month period we grew a polyculture on 66.5m2 of land (approx 715.8 square feet) which was cultivated 100% biologically.

Paul Alfrey |
Saturday, 27th December 2014

For the last eight years we have been experimenting with growing annual vegetables and herbs in guilds. Over the years I have stuck with what works, discarded what has not, and now have what appears to me to be a good model of productive ecological design.

Phil Moore |
Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

"All it takes is one ride," Lauren, my partner, would remind me as we stood waiting by the side of the road.