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Zion Lights |
Tuesday, 16th April 2013

To clone or not to clone? This is the question on the lips of scientists and conservationists around the world, as researchers now have the ability to bring extinct species back from the dead.

They are calling it de-extinction.

The other question is...

Terraced agriculture in Bhutan. The ultimate in working with slope!
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 12th April 2013

Permaculture, a contraction of permanent agriculture but also increasingly permanent culture, means working with natural forces like the wind, sun, water, the forces of succession, animals and other 'natural' energies.

Changwon, South Korea
Richard Register & Sven Eberlein |
Thursday, 11th April 2013

SE: What's an ecocity and where can I find one?

Bella Bell |
Thursday, 11th April 2013

Get ready for International Permaculture Day on Sunday 5th May – join a global day of celebration: www.permacultureday.org. 

Polly Higgins |
Monday, 8th April 2013

I am reaching out to you as a kindred spirit who cares deeply. Like you, it deeply pains me to see the mass damage and destruction that plays out daily; often I feel powerless to act because under the existing laws of our world it is the norm to make profit from...

Nelson Lebo |
Sunday, 7th April 2013

Some people describe permaculture as a system of science and ethics. While ethics guide permaculturists, it is the use of science to design and develop sustainable and regenerative systems that places them in a position to contribute to the improvement of science...

Sisymbrium officinale wall.JPG
Christopher Hope |
Thursday, 4th April 2013

Hedge mustard (Sisymbrium officinale) is a plant in the Brassicacaea family: The brassica family contains fantastic plants for foragers. They are a completely edible family, providing a number of medicinally valuable foods for us, all year round...

Dr. Jody Joanna Boehnert |
Tuesday, 2nd April 2013

Those of us who have been thinking about geophysical scarcities for some time need to take a critical stance on the notion of austerity.