Guy Dauncey |
Thursday, 14th August 2014

Last week I started to explore the possibility that British Columbia could become a 100% renewable energy region, as 140 regions in Germany are planning to become.

This week, we look at transportation. Is it possible that we could get where we want to be and ship our goods where they need...

Left - intensive agricultural, right - regenerative
Paul Alfrey |
Tuesday, 12th August 2014

I am currently working on a regenerative landscape design for a site in Todorovo, Bulgaria. The plan is to establish an agroforestry system known as alley cropping wherein rows of mixed species edible trees and shrubs are planted at intervals with spaces for herbs, forage and/or grain crops to...

Silkies - Perfect Hens for Small Gardens
Kay Hebbourn |
Sunday, 10th August 2014

I started my journey with chickens with two lovely ex-battery hens who were so friendly and were real pets. However, they made short shrift of my garden and tended to wander everywhere into other people's gardens. No matter how often I clipped their wings, they kept getting out. Although I...

Phil Moore |
Sunday, 10th August 2014

Teaching new skills with age old materials, Nicaragua Pueblo Project is the latest venture from earth builder Liz Johndrow.

Dwarf apple tree
Patrick Whitefield |
Friday, 8th August 2014

Almost all fruit trees are grafted onto a rootstock. This means that the tree is actually two genetically distinct individuals, united by the skilful hand of the grafter.

Copyright: wk1003mike via Shutterstock
Mick Collins |
Thursday, 7th August 2014

Humanity is gradually waking up to the reality that we are facing a global crisis. We are now witnessing the consequences of our unchecked exploitation of the natural world, including disadvantaged communities and other species.

Guy Dauncey |
Tuesday, 5th August 2014

They're doing it in Germany: 140 regions of the country have set a goal to become 100% renewable energy regions, covering 30% of Germany's land and 26% of her people, as we learnt in the...

Kidd's Orange Red, Patrick's favourite apple variety
Patrick Whitefield |
Monday, 4th August 2014

There’s a bewildering range of varieties available. It may seem best just to go for something you’ve heard of, like Cox apple and Victoria plum, or just accept the meagre offering of the local garden centre. But these trees will last you a lifetime. Why not get the ones that will suit you and...