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Carrot bracts.JPG
Chris Hope |
Sunday, 11th August 2013

The carrot is a plant primarily known for its sweet and tender cultivated roots but you can also use the other, largely forgotten parts of the plant that have a long history of culinary and medicinal use, stretching back hundreds of years.

Peter Jacobson |
Wednesday, 7th August 2013

Your Government has started building new fossil fuel infrastructure. Over 30 new gas fired power stations. The opportunity cost? Renewable infrastructure and a safe climate future. Is this earth care? No! People care? No! Fair share? No! What can you do? Come with...

Simon Fairlie |
Monday, 5th August 2013

The idea of growing meat in laboratory conditions has been around for some time.

Glennie Kindred |
Saturday, 3rd August 2013

Seed heads are starting to form, fruit is beginning to swell, mornings can start misty, thick with dew, and there can be a nip of cold at night. But for all this it is still summer and this is a time of holidays, festivals, living outside, camping out and summer...

Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 30th July 2013

Hidden down in the woods at The Sustainability Centre is a lovely little handmade building that was built from sawmill waste by kids with a little help from Sean Reeves, one of the Centre's bushcraft and outdoor learning specialists. Inside the building is...

Rachel Woodisse |
Sunday, 28th July 2013

My husband had wanted to build a pizza oven ever since he saw one at River Cottage, so we decided we would build one in as part of the permaculture design for the garden. The garden isn't very big and the position it is in, is really the only place it could go....

Rozie Apps |
Thursday, 25th July 2013

Working at Permaculture magazine means I am immersed in solutions and inspiration to live a healthier and happier life whilst protecting the planet.

Paul Kingsnorth |
Tuesday, 23rd July 2013

What is the point of art? What is the point of writing? In particular, what is the point of those things in a world that is changing as rapidly as ours is today, and in which the challenges, from dealing with climate change to fighting off the impacts of global...