Nathaniel Whitmore |
Wednesday, 5th August 2015

The Lenni Lenapes and Iroquoians are natives to the Delaware River valley region. The natives as well as the Cherokees used the many available species of ferns for medicinal benefits.

Rolf Otto Niederstrasser |
Friday, 31st July 2015

Agriculture has played an enormous role in Cuba's history. Yet, today, it is only 5% of the GDP with a possibility for expansion.1

Emily Stewart |
Friday, 24th July 2015

Permaculture means different things to different people, but at root it means taking natural ecosystems as the model for our own human habitats. Natural ecosytems are by definition sustainable, and if we can understand the way they work we can use that understanding to make our own...

Permaculture magazine |
Monday, 20th July 2015

The famous woodcarving of Rajasthan is also widely practiced across India.

This ancient craft uses different woods depending on the shape and size of the final product. Each item is crafted by hand, into a range of figures, from gods and goddesses to theological figures, animals and more...

Rafaele Joudry |
Friday, 10th July 2015

Jack and Joanna Santa Barbara, an active retired couple from Canada who see themselves as changemakers, moved to Atamai Village in New Zealand, shortly after its inception. Jack explains their reasons, seated in their beautiful, peaceful, solar and wood-heated house of pressed earth...

Matt Powers |
Friday, 10th July 2015

For many, permaculture takes them out of the life they knew and propels them into the unknown. For us it was no different. I took Geoff Lawton’s online permaculture design course and came out determined to create permaculture curriculum for youth which is what The Permaculture...

Juan Fran & Jairo Restrepo |
Tuesday, 7th July 2015

"My dream is to construct a being, an ideal state of a being, so that I shall not be the ideal being of the State."

Hedvig Murray & Irene Soler |
Monday, 6th July 2015

In this day and age, we need to always be connected. We need to answer our emails, immediately update Facebook, Instagram or Twitter to increase likes, followers, tweets etc. At least this is how it can feel. What is more, we can quickly get sucked into a world of cat videos and...