Rob Squires |
Wednesday, 27th May 2015

Recently I was given the task of helping Permaculture magazine find a new green Internet Service Provider (ISP) to relocate their web services. ISPs are based in data centres which are buildings rammed with servers...

Patrick Smith - Ethical Consumer |
Friday, 22nd May 2015

The temporary restriction on the use of certain neonicotinoid pesticides in the European Union in December 2013 came as a massive relief to all those concerned with the health of bees and the wider ecosystem. This was only achieved through a long and bitter struggle...

A forest garden in Bhutan ©Tim Harland
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 21st May 2015

Some years ago, Tim and I were walking on a hot, dry day in the Himalayas to find a monastery in the Punakha District in Bhutan. Located near Lobesa, it stands on a round hillock and was built in 1499 by the 14th Drukpa hierarch, Ngawang Choegyel. The ‘Divine Madman’, maverick saint Drukpa...

Alice Griffin |
Thursday, 14th May 2015

I would describe myself as a traveller: a wanderer, nomad, gypsy; someone frequently tempted by the lure of new horizons. Over the years this way of life has seen me spend time in many different places and spaces: Campervans, caravans, a woodland cabin, bijou houses by the sea and in the...

Rozie Apps |
Thursday, 7th May 2015

In 2004 Irene 'Smokie' McGee lost her husband. She couldn't afford to live in the house they shared in Los Angeles, ending up living on the streets.

Elvis Summers, a Californian resident took it upon himself to help Irene, when he realised that not only had she been homeless for a decade...

Margene Whitler Hucek |
Thursday, 7th May 2015

We didn’t expect that the sweet cherry tree that my husband and I planted in our small orchard on the south side of our house would be the source of some gardening wisdom, but it has proven to be so. Over time, like most gardeners, we’ve come to the realization that we are not, ultimately, in...

Sophie Galleymore Bird |
Wednesday, 6th May 2015

"Britain is not self-sufficient in food production; it imports 40% of the total food consumed and the proportion is rising."1

It is dangerous for our country to be importing so much of our food which is why the Transition movement...

Ed Dowding |
Tuesday, 5th May 2015

There is a quiet revolution taking place in democracy, bringing new thinking to how we take decisions together. For the first time ever, what you want  -  your preferences, values, and ideas  - can be heard locally, nationally, and globally. People power is coming of age on the internet, and it’...