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Stavroula Dimitropoulos |
Tuesday, 8th July 2014

Greece might be the perfect place for permaculture to prosper, professed prominent permaculturist Rhamis Kent in one of his recent digital interviews. Kent also believes the current financial meltdown isn’t exclusive to...

Kerry Lane |
Saturday, 5th July 2014

I hadn't cycled up such a big hill in ages. To begin with I had to have a few rest breaks and roadside chickweed snacks, but it is amazing how soon my body settles into a rhythm and my stamina kicks in.

Roger Vaughn |
Friday, 4th July 2014

Ecotopia, named after and deeply inspired by Ernest Callenbach’s utopian novel of the same name, is a knowledge centre focused on permaculture and sustainable development in Sweden, run by social entrepreneurs Karin Malmgren and Roland Birgersson. The operation is intended to help...

Selina Botham |
Wednesday, 2nd July 2014

Incorporating wildlife friendly areas into our gardens is very important. Bees, bugs and butterflies all help in the pollination process, as well creating balanced ecosystems. Even larger wildlife have a place in the ecosystems, helping control pests and spreading seed.

Maddy Harland |
Monday, 30th June 2014

The NM Tree and Garden Center located in Rio Rancho, New Mexico has discovered that Monsanto is buying heirloom seed companies. They are also buying the trademarks to a number of heirloom seeds. This means that you may think you are supporting an heirloom seed company but in reality the company...

Aranya |
Wednesday, 25th June 2014

Mobile phones and tablets have rapidly become part of our daily lives and most of us now carry them almost everywhere we go. Nearly three quarters of us in the UK now own a smartphone1 and over two thirds in the US,2 and these can do so much more than just make calls.

Glennie Kindred |
Wednesday, 25th June 2014

With the rich abundance of plants and herbs coming into flower, this is the main time for cutting and drying them for future use.

Bean structure
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 16th June 2014

We grow bamboo. The idea mainly is to eat it. It needs to be cut when it is about 60cm (2 ft) high. If you leave it longer it is too fibrous so you need to pick the shoots young, peel them and steam them. They are very sweet and delicious. Inevitably my bamboo gets away as it grows so fast so...