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Transition and perm.jpg
Toby Hemenway |
Tuesday, 10th September 2013

The Transition movement seemed to catch fire right from the beginning, and I confess that its success made me, as a permaculturist, a bit envious. Here was a program for converting to a post-oil society, created by a permaculture teacher using permaculture...

A mix of foraged fungi
Laura Parr |
Sunday, 8th September 2013

"You would have thought purple would be easy to spot in the forest," said fungi expert, Iona Fraser. But it's not. I had always thought of autumn's colours as being red and orange with splashes of yellow, but the forest floor was a mass of colours of all hues,...

Mark and Steve making cocktails at GIY, Birmingham
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 6th September 2013

Last July I spoke at the Grow It Yourself Gathering in Birmingham. It was a really inspiring day and I met some wonderful gardeners who transform community spaces and grow all sorts of new crops. I also met the marvellous and funny, Mark Diacono and Steve Lamb,...

Glennie Kindred |
Wednesday, 4th September 2013

The Earth's energy is settling, the outer growth cycle is finishing and it will soon be time for the Earth and us, to rest again.

There is a shift in the weather, a wildness blows in on colder winds and there is a sense that summer is over. We begin to feel...

collated particles.jpg
Andrew Astle |
Wednesday, 28th August 2013

A method of gardening without digging occurred to me when I visited an arable farmer. He drilled crops with a Claydon direct drill. This machine drills seed in one pass. No ploughing or further tillage required. It cultivates narrow drainage channels. The method...

From Edible Cities: Urban permaculture for garden, balconies, rooftops and beyond
Richard Register & Sven Eberlein |
Sunday, 25th August 2013

SE: How much closer are we today to widespread use of ecocity principles than we were 40 years ago?

El hombre que frenó el desierto - Filming Exodus
Permaculture Magazine |
Thursday, 22nd August 2013

Permaculture: Mark, cuéntales a nuestros lectores quien eres, que hiciste en el pasado y cómo descubriste esta extraordinaria historia sobre Yacouba Sawadogo 

Soy un cineasta de películas independiente, basado en Inglaterra. Por más de 20...