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Passive solar design shaded by runner beans in the height of summer is also an indoor propagation area & a light kitchen
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 27th February 2013

Written into our history is the horror of the Irish Potato Famine, when a nation of working people's diet was almost exclusively provided by a variety of potato which failed. Another dramatic example of the poverty of monoculture was the American Dust Bowl of the...

Filming in the Amazon
Tony Rollinson |
Saturday, 23rd February 2013

More and more permaculture projects are demonstrating that areas in rainforests, that were once biodiverse habitats for scores of species but have been logged for timber or destroyed by slash and burn agriculture, can be replanted for food, fibres and medicines....

A comfrey barrier prevents meadow grasses from creeping into the raised bed area
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 21st February 2013

In a permaculture design, each element has many functions, the minimum being three. Having three or more functions helps create a stable and diverse food growing system because each element is connected together, making energy cycle through the system rather than...

Zion Lights & Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 20th February 2013

The spectre of fracking is coming closer to the USA and the UK, write Maddy Harland. With all the talk of an energy gap in the UK, there is little mention of conserving energy, developing micro-renewables, or community scale renewable energy solutions.

Larf |
Sunday, 17th February 2013

Stuart Aylett left his job in the building trade over ten years ago and headed west to find a simpler life. After landing in Somerset, he bought a half acre of land at Stonage Lane in 2009 and attempted to rejuvenate his newly acquired monoculture of rye grass...

The greenhouse, used for harvesting rainwater, is sited by the raised beds and garden shed and is also near the house
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 13th February 2013

'Relative location' is an early permaculture design principle. The concept of permaculture design principles first emerged in Permaculture: A Designer's Manual (1988) by Bill Mollison and Introduction to Permaculture...

bookwild rocket.JPG
Christopher Hope |
Monday, 11th February 2013

Different plants will periodically grab the attention of gardener or forager alike, and for a host of reasons. Yet above all others, the assorted tribes of the Brassicaceae (cabbage) family are probably some of the most cherished plants in Britain. I fancy that...

Bookreading copy.standard 460x345.jpeg
Mark Boyle |
Friday, 8th February 2013

Theoretically, you could build any house for free, especially in a model such as the resource-based economy that participants in the Zeitgeist movement propose. Realistically, a dwelling could only be built for free to the degree that it was made from local...