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The Green Fair
Rozie Apps |
Tuesday, 30th April 2013

Filled with music, food, drinks, workshops, children's activities and woodcrafts, the bicycle powered South Downs Green Fair is a perfect family day out.

Joel Salatin (left) with Aranya
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 29th April 2013

Joel Salatin, dubbed by TIME magazine to be the world's most innovative farmer, hit town yesterday and Aranya, who wrote our bestseller, Permaculture Design Step By...

Sebastian von Holstein |
Sunday, 28th April 2013

Wouldn't it be nice if on the warmest of summer days, you could dive straight in to a clear, cool pool to refresh the senses and prevent overheating. But with our skin being the largest of all our bodily organs, we rarely consider the consequences of extended...

Sebastian von Holstein |
Saturday, 27th April 2013

Think Goa and long-haired hippy trance parties on the beach may well come to mind, but the stunning grounds here couldn’t take you further away from the noisy bustle of this westernised area of India.

Katie Shepherd |
Wednesday, 24th April 2013

I have lived and worked as a hill farmer for the past nine years in a remote part of the depths of the Yorkshire Dales. Hill (or Upland) Farming, is related to any farming undertaken above the level of moorlands.

sea coal gathering.jpg
Nicole Vosper |
Tuesday, 23rd April 2013

A few hundreds of years ago we were picking coal off beaches, while right now we're drilling for oil at deeper and deeper depths, blowing the tops of mountains, wrecking whole ecosystems for tar sands and fracturing our rocks thousands of feet deep for shale gas....

View of Volcan Concepcion from Project Bona Fide treehouse
Phil Moore |
Sunday, 21st April 2013

An experimental research station and educational center, Project Bona Fide (PBF) is as an exercise in regeneration – both culturally and botanically.