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Inspiration Green and Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 17th October 2013

Hugelkultur, pronounced Hoo-gul-culture, means hill culture or hill mound.

Juliet Kemp's Boot Pots
Rozie Apps |
Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Permaculture in Pots: How to grow food in small urban spaces, provides a month-by-month guide on growing food and moving towards a more self reliant lifestyle.

Dean Buchanan |
Monday, 14th October 2013

Many of you will not remember the UK’s first oil crisis which pushed up the price of coal, which led to the miners working to rule, which led in turn to widespread powercuts. My grey hair is testament to the fact that I was a witness to the 1970s and I...

Punta Mona
Phil Moore |
Sunday, 13th October 2013

Punta Mona, Monkey Point in Spanish, is like entering a permaculture garden designed by Willy Wonka. A wonderfully eclectic and exuberent ecosystem, full of edible plants and trees from all over the world jostle side by side threatening to spill out into the paths...

Yarrow flw.JPG
Christopher Hope |
Friday, 11th October 2013

Certain plants have always been extremely valuable to us. We know one of them as yarrow. This plant became a powerful ally for us here on Earth a long time ago, as was clearly revealed by its presence in Neanderthal graves discovered in the Mediterranean...

Cobnut burgers with tomatillo salsa, runner beans and Carmargue rice
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 9th October 2013

I'm having a bit of a cooking fest at the moment, inspired by editing Carl Legge's forthcoming book, ...

Annie Levy |
Sunday, 6th October 2013

At certain times of year most of us find ourselves with piles of beetroot from our allotments, gardens and veg boxes. If you wish to maximize the gift of nutrients from this oft-maligned vegetable, why not begin with a simple ferment? Its velvet viscosity can...

Kayaking is an ideal way to find seaweed
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 3rd October 2013

Last month I was invited to speak at the Grow It Yourself Gathering in Ireland (a wonderful Irish veggie fest) where I met John and Sally McKenna. These two foodies are legends in Ireland. In 1991 they gave up their jobs and their flat in Dublin, bought a broken-...