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Seed Festival - planting big ideas

Date: Saturday, 6th July 2013 00:01
Event location: Hawkwood College, near Stroud

A day out at a biodynamic farm and garden, filled with music, poetry, artists, dancers and eco speakers.

Speakers include Satish Kumar, founder of Schumacher College and founder and editor of Resurgence and Ecologist, Poly Higgins, a barrister and activist for Ecocide and Helen Browning, the Chief Executive of the Soil Association.

A mixture of folk, Gambian and Japanese and world music will fill the day, as well as music workshops, photography and Taiji wuxigong and a screening of Aluna, a 90-minute film made with and by the KOGI, a lost civilization hidden in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, Columbia. They believe that without thought, nothing could exist and that we are dumbing the world down, destroying both the physical structure and the thought underpinning existence. They see our mining and deforestation over the years as preventing them from their task of caring for the world and keeping its natural order functioning.

Tickets are £20, with a family ticket at £50 and a concession ticket £18. Gates open at 11am.

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