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Third International Water Symposium

Date: Friday, 7th June 2013 00:01
Event location: Tamera, Portugal

With the privatisation of water rights, the global water situation continues to get worse. One billion people currently lack access to clean drinking water and natural disasters, desertification and droughts are ever increasing. These can all be helped by saving water and keeping it in the landscape. Building water retention landscapes is an effective first step towards the healing of nature and towards the development of modern subsistence economies. They are a pathway towards sustainable and decentralised water management.

This event invites international water experts, politicians, scientists, media representatives and specialists to share their knowledge and form an alliance for the protection of water. It is the third symposium since 2007 and invites everyone to attend from June 7th to June 9th. Guests should arrive the day before as the symposium will begin early on June 7th and there is the possibility of workshops on June 10th.

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