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Rolf Otto Niederstrasser

Agriculture has played an enormous role in Cuba's history. Yet, today, it is only 5% of the GDP with a possibility for expansion.1...

Emily Stewart

Permaculture means different things to different people, but at root it means taking natural ecosystems as the model for our own human habitats. Natural ecosytems are by...

Permaculture magazine

The famous woodcarving of Rajasthan is also widely practiced across India.

This ancient craft uses different woods depending on the shape and size of the final product. Each...

Rafaele Joudry

Jack and Joanna Santa Barbara, an active retired couple from Canada who see themselves as changemakers, moved to Atamai Village in New Zealand, shortly after its inception....

A forest garden in Bhutan ©Tim Harland
Maddy Harland

Some years ago, Tim and I were walking on a hot, dry day in the Himalayas to find a monastery in the Punakha District in Bhutan. Located near Lobesa, it stands on a round hillock and...

Paul Wheaton - richsoil.com

Stinging nettles are often thought of as a weed, but they have many health and nutritious benefits as well as being easy to grow or forage.

Steve Golemboski-Byrne

When we built our timber framed classroom last year, one of the concerns was how best to heat it.

Chris Hope

Ground ivy is such a beautiful and useful herb, often overlooked. Even with its gorgeous flowers, this plant produces mixed feelings from gardeners, for sometimes taking over where it's not wanted....

Lisbeth Larose

It’s no secret that technology changes the way we live each day. Good news is it simplifies our lives so much, one could say we hold the world in our pockets.

I am a keen gardener and have been...

Permaculture magazine

The International Permaculture Convergence is nearly here! Have you booked on to any edge events?

Maddy Harland

This is a permaculture design primer but it is a big one, as indicated by the subtitle. It really does try to look at the ethics...

Rozie Apps

The Tao of Vegetable Gardening explores the practical methods as well as the deeper essence of gardening...

Keith Kirby

An introduction for the new woodland owner written by experts in a friendly style, dealing with basic issues from site boundaries, site...

Tim Green

As with many permaculture and sus-tainable living books, the wealth of beautiful glossy photographs in The Community-Scale...