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The Rocket Mass Heater at Lackan Cottage Farm
Steven Golemboski-Byrne |
Wednesday, 1st July 2015

Rocket stoves are low cost, energy efficient, thermal mass heaters and with training you can make them too.

Permaculture magazine |
Monday, 29th June 2015

The Permaculture team are huge Neil Young fans, so it really is special for a world renowned singer, songwriter and activist to get in touch with us and ask us, on behalf of the whole permaculture community worldwide, to be involved in his new US tour, Rebel Content...

Lucy Purdy |
Thursday, 25th June 2015

If we want to see permaculture design embedded throughout society, we need to think more holistically than food growing, low-impact housing and renewable energy. We also need a cultural narrative that empowers society to embrace those things in the first place.

bow open 2015 web bannermed (2)_0.jpg
Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 18th June 2015

This year Bow Arts celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 10th June 2015

The Farming Systems Trial (FST)® at Rodale Institute is America’s longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and chemical agriculture. Started in 1981 to study what happens during the transition from chemical to organic agriculture, the FST surprised a food community that still scoffed...

Permaculture magazine |
Tuesday, 9th June 2015

Organiclea community garden (Waltham, London) are looking for volunteers for their third Buddy Scheme.

The buddy scheme is a three month training programme, teaching people how to support future volunteers at Hakwood Community...

Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 3rd June 2015

The Eden Project’s Green Fingers Festival 2015 returns in June with a great line-up of famous gardening talent. The three-week festival allows visitors to be inspired by Eden’s expert gardeners and special guests.

The pop up tent where freedom of speech was compromised
Donnachadh McCarthy |
Friday, 29th May 2015

On Monday 1 June 2015, I have my first preliminary hearing in court for the criminal offence of chanting in a tiny pop up tent at the feet of the Gandhi statue in Parliament Square. The meditation protest was calling for...