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News in brief

Permaculture magazine |
Monday, 24th November 2014

International Permaculture Convergence website launches - please help by sharing.

The Permaculture Association have launched the International Permaculture Convergence (IPCUK) website. It is live now at http://ipcuk.events

Robert Alcock |
Monday, 24th November 2014

Clocks are round. So why aren't calendars?

Ever since I can remember, my internal picture of the year has been a circle - with summer opposite winter, spring opposite autumn. This makes perfect sense if you consider that, after all, a...

Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 20th November 2014

Living sustainably and ethically is somewhat difficult in our modern age.

Growing your own food, building your own home and reducing, reusing and recycling are all ways we choose to live more sustainably. But when it comes to technology, there is rarely a sustainable and ethical option....

Hands Off Our Forests |
Tuesday, 4th November 2014

DID you know legislation is currently being pushed through Parliament that will allow any public land to be transferred by a Government agency, all rights of way extinguished, to private developers?

Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 30th October 2014

Triodos Renewables has launched a major £5 million share offer.

Working with Trillion Fund, the crowd financing platform for renewable energy, to promote and distribute the offer, the scheme will enable people to invest from as little as £50 - the lowest ever minimum investment for...

Permaculture magazine |
Tuesday, 16th September 2014

The permaculture garden at Cecil Sharp House in London has won first prize in the Camden in Bloom, best business entry.

Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 11th September 2014

Attending the UK Permaculture Convergence this weekend? Well, you will be able to view Permaculture magazine for FREE while you are there. 

Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 10th September 2014

Do you want to learn more about sustainable living and permaculture design?

Well we have a great offer for you!

If you sign up to Aranya's PDC before Friday 19th September 2014 Permanent Publications will send you a FREE copy of Edible Cities: Urban Permaculture for...