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News in brief

Ben Willis - Solar Power Portal |
Wednesday, 30th October 2013

Solar in the UK could deliver the same amount of electricity production as the proposed Hinkley Point C nuclear power station within two years, according to the country's largest PV generator.

Permaculture magazine |
Saturday, 26th October 2013

Would you like a fantastic, money saving reason to buy the new issue of ...

Image courtesy of http://www.thesundaytimes.co.uk/sto/business/energy_and_environment/article1006638.ece
Donnachadh McCarthy |
Tuesday, 22nd October 2013

Former Deputy Chair of the Liberal Democrats, Donnachadh McCarthy, has written directly to Lib Dem DECC Secretary of State Ed Davey

Dear Ed ,

I hope this finds you well?

Re: Nuclear assault on Poor, Workers and UK Economy

Rozie Apps |
Wednesday, 16th October 2013

Self-sufficiency and sustainability appear on TV tonight, with the build of a timber roundhouse on BBC2's The House that £100k Built series.

Nuclear Regulation Authority Members in radiation protective suits check damaged water tanks at Fukushima
Permaculture Magazine |
Thursday, 10th October 2013

Over the last two years, the global news has been dappled with updates from the Fukushima Nuclear plant in Japan, showing the situation is under control. Even more so in the last few months, since Tokyo won the 2020 Olympic bid.

Joel-Salatin with livestock.jpg
Rozie Apps and Verge Permaculture |
Friday, 4th October 2013

Verge Permaculture are offering a free 'teleclass' with Joel Salatin, packed with useful information.

Rob Avis and his greenhouse from www.vergepermaculture.ca
Permaculture Magazine |
Wednesday, 25th September 2013

A free, three day online course is on offer to anyone who wants to learn from 12 experts in farming and growing your own.

Whether you are a novice or have experience, learn the secrets of the 12 speakers' successes and how to avoid the most common pitfalls...

TheGreenAge |
Wednesday, 25th September 2013

Whether you're looking to reduce your environemnetal impact or just save your money, these guides are useful.