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Frontier Camping Stove

John Adams |
Tuesday, 17th April 2012

An amazingly portable cooking/heating facility for camping and other outdoor activities.


The Frontier Stove is a wonderfully thought out solution to the twin problems of portability and compactness in tent stoves. The all-steel construction features three folding legs which are secured by pins and the 2.4m (7.9ft) of flue pipe and the ash catcher, fit inside the body of the stove. Light (11kg /24lb) and easy to carry, it's quick to assemble or disassemble and compact to store.

The Frontier makes a great addition to a bell tent, when used with a tent roof flashing kit. The stove shown (right) is also fitted with a 3 litre (5.2pt) hot water tank – a useful accessory which will be available soon.

I set ours up in one of the tipis we have here and realised this was an interesting answer to the main problems of fires in tipis: low level smoke and the danger of setting fire to your flooring.

However I chose to fire it up outside because the light was better for photography. It lit well and the tall chimney was soon drawing strongly. The fire is regulated by either partially or fully closing the front door and by a damper in the chimney. Both are easy controls but, as with all wood burners, heat proof leather gloves are a good idea. The kettle took longer to boil than I expected but removing the top hob cover and using it directly cured that.

It soon gathered a number of admirers who were all intrigued by it and were dreaming up how they could use one. After all it needn't be a tent stove, it would go just as well in a tipi, motor home, shed, or outdoors on the patio, or why not take it down to the beach and cook a fish supper and keep warm as well. A truly great little stove/cooker. Where will you use yours? 

The Frontier Stove and roof flashing kits are available from www.green-shopping.co.uk

Click here to read the review of the Frontier Stove's accessories and water heating.

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