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Burra Maluca - Permies.com |
Friday, 27th February 2015

I had a feeling I was going to like this book when I realised it was written in Wales, by a guy who wears camo. It was even printed in Aberystwyth!


Burra Maluca - Permies.com |
Friday, 20th February 2015

Every time I pick up one of Looby's books, I'm intrigued by the title but a little dubious about whether the book itself is going to apply to me. This one...

Flo & Jolly Bailey |
Friday, 20th February 2015

The Honey Man [www.thehoneyman.org], is a funny but highly moving exploration of Black British...

Burra Maluca - Permies.com |
Monday, 16th February 2015

I give this book 9 out of 10 acorns.

I was far more impressed with this book than I expected to be. It's fun to read, it's beautifully presented,...

Helen Moore |
Tuesday, 3rd February 2015

As an artist engaged in campaigns against extreme energy, my limited science education often puts me at a disadvantage in accessing the right...

Phil Moore |
Wednesday, 21st January 2015

You could say that my deepening relationship with permaculture has been one of auditing my own waste. That, and dealing with my own crap. Literally. So,...

Maddy Harland |
Monday, 12th January 2015

It is often said that we have most of the solutions to restore the Earth, it is people and our relationships that get in the way. With political failure...

Eileen Flanagan / FEASTA |
Thursday, 8th January 2015

For selfish reasons, I am very grateful to Féidhlim for writing this book. With alarming regularity I get asked the questions "my septic tank is not...