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Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 4th August 2015

This is a permaculture design primer but it is a big one, as indicated by the subtitle. It really does try to look at the ethics, elements and...

Rozie Apps |
Monday, 27th July 2015

The Tao of Vegetable Gardening explores the practical methods as well as the deeper essence of gardening.” The perfect...

Keith Kirby |
Friday, 17th July 2015

An introduction for the new woodland owner written by experts in a friendly style, dealing with basic issues from site boundaries, site access, to how you...

Tim Green |
Monday, 13th July 2015

As with many permaculture and sus-tainable living books, the wealth of beautiful glossy photographs in The Community-Scale Permaculture Farm ...

Tony Rollinson |
Friday, 10th July 2015

If you are new to permaculture and want to watch a film that introduces you to the subject, or if you are well versed already but want...

Anni Kelsey |
Monday, 6th July 2015

This beautifully presented book covers over 100 useful trees from commonplace fruit such as apples and pears to the exotic sounding date plum and golden...

Emma Postill |
Monday, 15th June 2015

After spending a thoroughly enjoyable three days at my first Hay Festival, I’m already looking forward to returning next year. The combination of stimulating talks within relaxing...

John Adams |
Sunday, 14th June 2015

Having a Japanese Professional Ryoba Saw in my armoury of woodworking tools has proved very useful on a number of occasions.