Phil Moore |
Tuesday, 26th May 2015

“Modern man is rapidly destroying the natural world on which he depends for his survival.”

Drew Dellinger |
Tuesday, 12th May 2015
Helen Moore’s poetry is an inch of topsoil built up over millennia; a living cell seen teeming under a microscope; a galaxy’s lucid dream. These poems pulse with ecstatic exuberance,...
Rozie Apps |
Thursday, 23rd April 2015

I have been interested in underground greenhouses for the last couple of years.

Ever since I saw a photo of a walipini, I knew that one day I would have to have one.


Joan Bailey |
Monday, 20th April 2015

The Tao of Vegetable Gardening: Cultivating Tomatoes, Greens, Peas, Beans, Squash, Joy and Serenity is the third gardening book by Carol Deppe, a genetic scientist...

Phil Chandler |
Monday, 20th April 2015

People keep asking me what I think of the new 'Flow Hive', so here are my thoughts.

Stuart Anderson |
Friday, 27th March 2015

I can’t think of nicer company for a walk in the countryside than Patrick Whitefield, permaculture teacher of 25 years, author and enthusiastic observer and historian.

Paul Cudenec |
Tuesday, 10th March 2015

O, obscene era
this is an emergency!
('Deep Time, Deep Tissue')

There's no mistaking the message articulated by Helen Moore in her new collection of eco-...

Burra Maluca - |
Friday, 27th February 2015

I had a feeling I was going to like this book when I realised it was written in Wales, by a guy who wears camo. It was even printed in Aberystwyth!

I became quite certain that...