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Phillip Moore |
Tuesday, 15th April 2014

Artist, activist, and musician turned filmmaker, Peter Charles Downey, presents an inquiry into the state of the world from a Gaian perspective. He pulls...

Snake Oil.jpg
Rozie Apps |
Friday, 11th April 2014

"While we tend to think of money as the prime mover of the economy, in fact it is energy that gets things done. More and cheap energy translates to a more...

Maddy Harland |
Sunday, 23rd March 2014

Joanna Macy has been helping me look unflinchingly into the face of our global ecological crisis and not give up or burn out for years.

I have...

Deano Martin |
Tuesday, 11th March 2014

Whilst the title may not immediately grab the attention of a UK-based reader, the subtitle Lessons from Desert Farmers on Adapting to...

Tim Harland |
Sunday, 2nd March 2014

This is the latest offering from the prolific and encyclopedic Martin Crawford of the Agroforestry Research Trust in Devon where he has tested a huge...

Thomas Smith |
Sunday, 16th February 2014

Charles Eisenstein has come far since he was forced to self-publish his transformative breakthrough tome, The Ascent of Humanity, with The More...

Looby Macnamara |
Thursday, 13th February 2014

I opened Rosemary Morrow’s book with slight trepidation, I wondered from the title if the sole focus of this book would be on the earthcare ethic of...

Andy's simple gas cylinder wood stove
Andy Hunt |
Friday, 7th February 2014

I first saw my future crepe pan in the shop at Tebay Services on the way up to Salkeld Mill in Cumbria, to buy some biodynamic flour from the watermill...