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Permaculture Ideas |
Thursday, 10th April 2014

Hugelkultur beds have many benefits, from soil aeration to carbon sequestering.

Not only are they easy to create, they are also a great way to use up old pieces of wood and because they are built vertically, they take up less space - perfect for a small garden!

101 Visions |
Saturday, 22nd March 2014

A quick and easy guild to building with glass bottles.

Recycling glass bottles is a great way to create a stunning and unique wall in your home, shed or garden.

They are easy to make and with such a variety of colours and shapes out there, so many different designs can be made!

SciFri |
Saturday, 15th March 2014

Chris and Malissa Tack worked out they had spent $58,000 on rent in the last four years. They decided to change all that by building their very own tiny home. They designed the 140-square-foot home on computer first and set about building it though they had never undertaken a build project on this scale before.

Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 12th March 2014

How do we help our children reconnect with Nature and learn about sustainability, especially when they have never spent time in Nature? Woodlander Ben Law, Permaculture editor, Maddy Harland, and Christine Seaward from the Sustainability Centre, all describe the kind of activities that happen at the centre on the South Downs in England.

Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 6th March 2014

Charles Dowding is the master of No Dig gardening. Tim and I were lucky enough to visit him in late autumn and not only enjoy learning how he gardens (he is a dedicated experimenter), we also got to eat an entire three course meal from the garden in November. It was delicious.

Kirsten Dirksen |
Saturday, 1st March 2014

Architect Valentina Maini has created a multi-functioning space in her 25 square metre (269 square feet) apartment in Barcelona.

John D. Liu |
Sunday, 23rd February 2014

John D. Liu is an environmental film maker, travelling the world exploring how countries follow natures systems to find solutions to droughts and flooding.

Watershedmg.org |
Wednesday, 19th February 2014

The tippy tap is a low cost, low tech, low water, hands-free device to promote hand washing with soap. Wild campers and festival goers will appreciate this simple design consisting of a ocuple of sticks, an empty container, rope, gravel, a nail and a soap to introduce more hygiene into our lives.