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Meet the Guerrilla Fruit Tree Grafters

Monday, 4th February 2013

Meet the Guerrilla Grafters, a group of San Franciscans who believe urban trees are a precious thing, and can produce more than just pretty flowers. Their goal is to graft - albeit illegally - fruit bearing stock onto non-fruit bearing fruit trees, in the hope that over time the cities ornamental trees can provide food for residents free of charge.

Each tree has a 'steward' who looks after their individual tree, ensures that the fruit does not become a nuisance, and is harvested and used. We don't recommend eating fruit grown by a heavily polluted busy road, but in every city there are quiet corners where ornamentals can be grafted with productive varieties. Great idea!

In this video, we follow Guerrilla Grafters Tara Hui and Booka Alon as they check up on their surreptitious grafts, perform a bit of pruning and search for their trees' first fruit. Oneday hopefully this practise will become commensense and legal.

Imagine a world where every city is full of fruit trees planted for the common good and over flowing with food.

Original story here: http://faircompanies.com/videos/view/guerrilla-grafters-adding-fruit-to-city-trees/

For more inspiration see:

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300 year old food forest in the suburbs - after discovering a food forest in a Morrocan desert, Geoff Lawton then found one right on the edge of a busy city.

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Lastly, we revisit Planting a forest garden on a roof in the city centre, a great article about a pioneering urban permaculture project.

Help spread the permaculture word...

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