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Suli Breaks & NCS |
Friday, 27th March 2015

Graduate of life (and Law), Suli Breaks shares another of his spoken words, this time expressing the importance of 'Saying Yes'.

In collaboration with the National Citizen Service (NCS), 'Saying Yes' is about making decisions and taking opportunities.

The hardest decisions are the often those with the largest impact yet best outcome.

Food Abundance |
Monday, 16th March 2015

On just a tenth of an acre, the Dervaes family grow all their food in their urban garden in Los Angeles.

The Dervaes, father Jules and his three children, Justin, Anais and Jordanne, grow over 6,000 pounds of food per year, with over 400 species of plants, 4,300 pounds of vegetable food, 900 chicken and 1,000 duck eggs, 25 lbs of honey, plus seasonal fruits.

RegrariansTV |
Monday, 2nd March 2015

Austalian based not-for-profit organisation, Regrarians Ltd, recently held an Eat, Buy, Grow event, bringing local food producers together to explore the future of food systems and what can be done to change the way we approach food.

The Permaculture Zone |
Friday, 27th February 2015

The Permaculture Neighbourhood Centre in California feeds the community whilst teaching people how to turn urban lots into edible oases.

Woodland Heritage |
Thursday, 12th February 2015

Woodland Heritage share how they begun 20 years ago, bringing those who grow trees together with those who craft from them.

Explaining the Woodland to Workshop course where people learn how to turn beautiful trees into valuable timber, Woodland Heritage want everyone to learn the importance of our woodlands and to make a sustainable living from them.

Flip and Jon Anderson |
Thursday, 5th February 2015

Cob rocket ovens combine the efficiency of rocket stoves with the joy of cob ovens. They can be fired up in just 15 minutes (instead of an hour or more with a convention cob oven) with a small bunch of kindling and be ready to bake soon afterwards.

Georgi Pavlov |
Wednesday, 14th January 2015

If you could animate your landscape and imagine a restorative agriculture what would it look like? Here is the Regarians' vision at Savannah Farm, South Australia: climax species trees carefully spaced over diverse pastures with dew ponds and small-scale animal husbandry on moveable arks with holistic, mob grazing.

Watch this animation at full screen!

Sustainability Centre |
Friday, 9th January 2015

Ever wondered what happens at The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK where Permaculture magazine is based?

We welcome over 3,000 school children every year. They are transformed into eco-explorers in just one week! Here's a short film about how we do it.