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Georgi Pavlov |
Wednesday, 14th January 2015

If you could animate your landscape and imagine a restorative agriculture what would it look like? Here is the Regarians' vision at Savannah Farm, South Australia: climax species trees carefully spaced over diverse pastures with dew ponds and small-scale animal husbandry on moveable arks with holistic, mob grazing.

Watch this animation at full screen!

Sustainability Centre |
Friday, 9th January 2015

Ever wondered what happens at The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK where Permaculture magazine is based?

We welcome over 3,000 school children every year. They are transformed into eco-explorers in just one week! Here's a short film about how we do it.

Robyn Francis |
Tuesday, 30th December 2014

Here's a step-by-step guide: How to build a wicking bed to conserve water and maximise food production. Sam designed and constructed this 'Wicking Bed' while studying permaculture at Djanbung Gardens in Australia.

Desertsun02 |
Thursday, 25th December 2014

A very easy way to create your own rocket stove.

Simply put 4 concrete / cinder blocks together in the order shown in the video, add wood and there you have it!

Further resources

Rocket stove kitchen

Lyn Unsworth |
Tuesday, 23rd December 2014

Seasons Greetings from us all at The Sustainability Centre! Enjoy a glimpse of the lovely place where we live and work.

We are based at The Sustainability Centre, a 55 acre former Naval Base and now an educational charity, set high in the South Downs. It used to be called HMS Mercury and trained thousands of naval personel in communication.

BBC / enoughalreadyjeez |
Tuesday, 9th December 2014

TV presenter, ethnobotanist and Permaculture subscriber James Wong, shares the many winter plants we can grow or forage to make immune system boosters and Christmas gifts.

Learn the health benefits of a range of winter berries, leaves and seeds and how to turn them into a range of delicious Christmas treats you can serve at dinner parties or give as presents.

OneForTenFilms |
Monday, 1st December 2014

We have exclusive footage of a forthcoming film, The Penalty.

The Penalty is a feature-length (90-minute) documentary film examining the state of modern capital punishment in the USA today.

Punta Mona |
Friday, 28th November 2014

A chinampa is a Mesoamerican agriculture method to grow food in wet areas.

Sometimes called 'floating islands' these artificial islands were first created by the Aztecs. They are a great way to grow food in land that is usually considered useless.