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We The Tiny House People - Free Yourself From Unnecessary Consumption

Kirsten Dirksen
Tuesday, 23rd October 2012

Follow Kirsten Dirksen as she journeys across the world to visit 'tiny home people.' These are the ingenious men and women who have changed the way they live in order to save money and free themselves from unecessary consumption.

In this case, less is most definitely more! For more tips and information, please see our recent article 'Minimize and Downsize with Tiny Home Living – 10 steps to reducing consumption' and 'Can We Make Our Cities Sustainable With Permaculture?'

Television producer-turned-online blogger, Kirsten Dirksen is co-founder of faircompanies.com, a news/blog/video site focused on simple living. 

Coming soon! Compact Living: How to Design Small Interior Space. Available Novermber 2012. See our pre-publication offer.

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