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Maddy Harland

Editor of Permaculture Magazine, contributor to Mother Earth News, forest gardener permaculture expert...

Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 1st April 2015
Maddy makes a simple stand for her Hotbin in 10 minutes to catch the liquid that leaks from the bottom of the bin and reuse it as a plant fertiliser.
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 5th February 2015
Maddy Harland talks to Professor Tim O’Riordan about new science, why we got it wrong about Darwin, education, climate change and how we must transition to a low carbon world... quickly.
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 12th January 2015
Starhawk's captivating book exploring the ideas and techniques for us all to improve our communication skills and our ability to work collectively, so we can work more effectively to restore Earth and its people.
Credit: http://www.wildheartpermaculture.co.uk/?page_id=128
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 31st December 2014
Learning permaculture design can be expensive, so Maddy Harland comes up with a plan to study for free with friends plus she finds free PDC videos, books and low cost resources.
Rob, Mart, Maddy & Tim at Rapanui HQ
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 12th December 2014
Tim and Maddy visit award winning eco and ethical fashion label, Rapanui, and find out how they put the circular economy into practice.
Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 2nd December 2014
Sailing and resource management, guerrilla recycling, permaculture in Swaziland and 'new' science... Maddy Harland reviews the subjects covered in the latest issue of Permaculture.
Main No Dig Vegetable Garden
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 1st December 2014
Maddy is trying to become 100% self-sufficient in compost by composting everything, even tricky weeds that seed easily. Here are the 5 steps she uses to achieve fertile, no dig beds mulched with her own compost.
© Graham Burnett
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 13th November 2014
Maddy Harland explains why she asked Graham Burnett to write the forthcoming 'Vegan Book of Permaculture' and why a diet that omits foods derived from animals has a place in permaculture, whether you are a vegan or not.
Maddy Harland |
Thursday, 9th October 2014
Maddy visits the west coast of Ireland and finds a novel use for an old microwave, a post box! She is also fascinated by the glaciated landscape.
Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 23rd September 2014
Want to change the world? It starts with your next thought! Maddy Harland explains why how we think can shape not only our personal lives but the world we live in, why learning permaculture was a game changer, and what enables her to stay focused for over two decades.