Tomorrow: Powerful New Transition Film Features Permaculture

Tony Rollinson
Monday, 16th January 2017

A powerful and unmissable new French film. Tomorrow (Demain) is available until June 2017 via the Transition Network, through a bottom-up community screenings model. Tony Rollinson reviews it.

Produced by activist and writer Cyril Dion and actress/director Mélanie Laurent, Tomorrow tells the story of their search for solutions to the crisis humanity faces. 

The film (called Demain in France see features pioneers who are reinventing agriculture, energy, economy, democracy and education. It presents lots of examples of concrete and positive actions that are already working and show what tomorrow’s world could look like. Tomorrow features a permaculture farm in France and also has Rob Hopkins of the Transition Network, amongst other stories PM readers will be familiar with through our pages and website.

Maddy Harland, co-founder and editor of Permaculture magazine says: "This is a very powerful and empowering film, showing how simple solutions when combined on a community level can make a huge difference and become viral. In a world full of problems, Tomorrow provides more than just feel-good factors. It is full of cogent, practical and doable solutions."

The film has been a huge hit in mainstream cinemas, particularly in France and Belgium where it has been seen by over 1.5 million people. It has also been the winner of several awards, including winner of Best Documentary at the Cesar Awards (the French Oscars), Tomorrow has been hugely impactful.  

We highly recommend it. It gives you myth debunking facts (70%-75% of food is successfully grown by smaller farmers). It tells and shows that permaculture has many answers and is a hugely valuable tool.

Rights to view the film have been sold in over 30 countries to date. The Transition Network has the rights for UK screenings. The costs for screenings are £100 for groups, £200 if it is in a cinema (with flexibility for groups for whom that’s a real struggle). The invitation to organise community screenings of Tomorrow is open not just for Transition groups, but to any community groups for whom it could be useful.  So, permaculture groups, Incredible Edible groups, community energy projects, church groups, schools, Neighbourhood Planning organisations, Women’s Institute groups, any organisation that needs some inspiration, an injection of possibility.

"We would love this to snowball, and for as many screenings as possible to take place during the next 6 months says Rob. "So, we have a request  If you do organise a screening, please find someone who could, after the film, film some vox pop interviews with people about what they thought of the film. Then pop it on YouTube, using the tag #Tomorrowfilm. Please also share your films on social media using the same hashtag. Let’s get this film shown in every community in the country!" Contact Amber Ponton for further details about screenings.

Premieres take place 24th January 2017 in Totnes, Bristol and Todmorden (the 3 UK places to appear in the film). Rob Hopkins told PM, "I first saw it at the premiere in Paris (during COP21), and it made me cry at least 5 times. It is a hugely positive, affirming and inspirational film, exploring creative solutions in the fields of food, energy, transport, economics and education.  It visits permaculture farms, urban agriculture projects, community-owned renewable projects, local currencies, creative schools, ambitious recycling projects. It has been a huge boost to community-led projects, and is currently on release in 29 other countries, regularly receiving standing ovations, and leading to the formation of many new community projects. It is the perfect antidote to the current sense of global despondency. It also has a great soundtrack!".

Watch the trailer for the film here 

For further details about the film and screenings (the Transition Network have created a free guide, ‘Making the most of Tomorrow: Your guide to organising a community screening of the film ‘Tomorrow’, and how to maximise its impact, which includes more information about the film, tips on how to make the most impact with your screening, a sample press release you might like to use when promoting it, and a report from the Transition Belgium national hub about the impact the film had for them. It’s also available as a PDF. Visit:

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