Activating Cultural Emergence for Women

Thursday, April 26, 2018 - 5:00pm to Sunday, April 29, 2018 - 3:00pm
Location: Applewood Permaculture Centre, Hereford

Course Summary: An experiential journey for women who are seeking to find their voice, walk further on their journey, reach their potential and participate in a process of consciously facilitating personal and collective cultural change.

What you will receive from the course:

  • Confidence
  • Greater clarity about your life path
  • Practical strategies for integrating permaculture design and cultural emergence more deeply into your daily lives
  • Developing shared sense of meaning
  • An understanding of why women are powerful but often are not seen as the leaders/teachers
  • How to give and receive mentoring and support
  • A safe space to share and connect deeply with a circle of women.

What Is Cultural Emergence?

Humanity is presently at a time of mass cultural emergency; we see the personal, social, political and environmental problems as stemming from a lack of cultural understanding and cohesion. We believe there are tools that can help turn this around into mass cultural emergence; where abundance, gratitude, care and connection are part of our everyday culture. Emergence is a term used in systems thinking where two or more things come together with unexpected results. By bringing people together with these tools and methods we have the opportunity to ask good questions and to co-create answers and solutions and emerge the culture we want.

How can we facilitate cultural change? What do we want the new culture and new story to look like?

In Activating Cultural Emergence for Women we will share tools, techniques, processes and ways of being, thinking and seeing differently that enable breakthroughs to occur, inviting what may previously seem impossible to become possible through collaboration, co-creating and emergence.

Women's Empowerment

How do men and women differ and are we comfortable with those differences? When do we as women need to become more visible and how do we develop our confidence as natural leaders? We can empower ourselves using the wisdom of natural systems to more fully develop our potential. As women we can learn to support each other in this process and understand the shadow aspects of this work and overcome its limiting factors.


Vital to cultural emergence and creating a circle of women is the sense of being nurtured and held, and the opportunity to connect deeply with Nature. Applewood Permaculture Centre is an ideal location, set deep in the Herefordshire countryside on a smallholding with beauitful teaching spaces where you can breathe deeply, rest, be in stillness and enjoy the warm companionship in a safe, nurturing environment.

"This women's circle has been a beautiful experience. I loved being in Circle with Spirited Women, who step up like me by going to this course. I was able to draw onto their experiences and visions. I was exposed to a spectrum of ideas and challenges. I was able to observe myself in a group dynamic and notice old triggers emerging. I was so well supported and believed in my Inner strength that I came out on the other side with much more awareness about myself and my life environments. This work has and is still helping me in work and informal group dynamics." Victoria


This is a chance to invest in your ongoing development and life path.

£245 concessions (limited to 3 places on a first come first served basis), £295 low waged (under £15K a year), £345 waged. 

Costs include all tuition, food and accomodation in shared indoor dormitories. 

There is a discount for camping of £25. And an early brid discount of £20 for booking before January 18th.  

To Book

Call Looby on 01584 831195 or email Looby Macnamara via peopleandpermaculture<at>

About Maddy Harland and Looby Macnamara

Maddy Harland co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990 and is the editor of Permaculture magazine. She co-founded Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK, once a military base, and now a thriving immersive learning centre. She is a founding member of Gaia Education which developed the Ecovillage Design Education course endorsed by UNESCO. Maddy is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts and is a Visiting Knowledge Exchange Fellow of the Institute of Theological Partnerships at the University of Winchester. She is the author The Song of the Earth – a synthesis of the scientific and spiritual worldview with Dr William Keepin and most recently Fertile Edges – regenerating land, culture and hope.

Looby Macnamara is an experienced permaculture teacher. She is author of two books People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. People and Permaculture is the first book to directly translate the principles and design methods of permaculture from land to people. Looby is co-founder of Thriving Ways, a collective of facilitators passionate about using permaculture in personal and social situations. Looby is also one of the partners of Designed Visions, one of the UK’s leading permaculture training organisations. Looby enjoys using creative teaching methods to create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

Why this course is important?

Women have come a long way in western society since the early 20th century. In 1921, women over 21 in Britain finally achieved the same voting rights as men. In 1971 in the USA, women were at last allowed to practice law. In 1997, marital rape was finally criminalised in Germany. Yet in Britain today, men earn 14% more than women and in the world there are only 22 out of 196 female head of state/prime ministers. Equality and opportunity are still contemporary issues that need attending to. One of the three ethics of permaculture is fair shares and this includes a fair share of opportunity to speak and to lead. Within the permaculture movement male teachers and authors appear to be more prominent, yet there are a growing number of women whose voices are being heard. The time is ripe for us to step up to positions of leadership and to share our unique wisdom as women to enable and enhance all three ethics to grow in the world.

Who is it for?

This course is for any women who already has some curiousity about themselves and how to be proactive in their own journey of empowerment as well as being attentive to the collective vision to create a culture of empowerment and peace for all.

We will be creating an empowerment design for ourselves over the duration of the course. 

The Venue

Applewood Permaculture Centre will be our venue for this course. Applewood is the home of Looby Macnamara and her partner Chris Evans and family. It is a 20 acre smallholding with woodlands, pasture, orchard, lake, gardens. Applewood is home to much wildlife including a parliament of owls which talk across the valley at night. It is a magical site allowing for easy relaxation and connection with the more than human world, our deeper selves and each other.