11 Ways To Champion Permaculture Magazine

Kay Hebbourn
Friday, 3rd July 2015

Kay Hebbourn discovered permaculture 20 years ago. Then she discovered Permaculture magazine. Here she explains how to seed a grassroots revolution!

I first heard about permaculture about 20 years ago from a friend who was growing his own vegetables.  At the time, I thought it was just a complicated kind of organic gardening. Then, in 2013, I came across an online permaculture course and from then on, I was hooked. There is no doubt that the internet and social media play an important part in recruiting, connecting and informing people about permaculture.

I deeply believe that spreading the word about permaculture is vital to the future of humankind. I think it is our last ditch attempt in terms of climate change and offers practical solutions and above all a culture built on hope. Time is of the essence.

However, I have noticed that quite a few people who are keen to live an environmentally responsible life are likely to reject the internet and mobile phones. They don’t like the dependence on something that is fuelled by electricity, the addictive effects on individuals and the part that they can play in separating people from the outdoors. In addition, not everyone has access to the internet.

I personally think that the solution lies in the problem.  I agree that in this age of ‘connection’, many people are hugely disconnected from nature, family, community and themselves. I think that digital media,  like any tool, has the potential to create and destroy. But it can reach more and different people, more quickly and uses less paper and possibly less energy.

I love that Permaculture magazine is working hard to reach online and offline audiences.

Though the magazine may still be considered a fringe production, it is available in mainstream shops like WHSmith and regular newsagents and can be ordered online. Established in 1992, the print edition has over 100,000 readers per issue, and www.permaculture.co.uk receives over four million page views a year! You can download the app for both Apple and Android devices and you can connect with them on social media. The Facebook page is really active with over 500,000 likes.

This year, of course, Permaculture magazine are heavily involved with the UK Permaculture Association in organising and promoting the International Permaculture Convergence in London.  

Want To Get Involved?

Here Are 11 ways To Champion Permaculture magazine:

1.  Subscribe to the magazine (you can buy print + digital or just digital for £10/$15)

2.  Get a gift subscription for a friend

3.  Connect online

4.  Come to The Convergence

5.  Make a donation via our eCommerce site

6.  Become a sponsor

7.  Take out an advert

8.  Download the app

9.  Write an article

10.  Use the online shop - they offer many great discounts!

11.  Pass on old copies to schools, projects or curious people.

This is a fantastic grassroots movement.  You can help to make it even better.

Kay Hebbourn is a grower, forager, cooker and stasher of food, keeper of chickens and dogs, nature lover, permie. She writes a regular blog called This Week In The Garden.