Maddy Harland |
Friday, 15th December 2017
In November 2017, I was given one of the greatest of honours: to welcome India's foremost spiritual leader, Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi) to the UK on the 30th anniversary of her first visit and in the company of the Indian ambassador, Dinesh K. Patnaik (second left), and the renown film director and artist, Shekhar Kapur (far right). Why... more
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 1st December 2017
St Ethelburga's Centre for Peace and Reconciliation in London says spiritual ecology “ about sticking our hands in the soil – feeling into the roots of social and environmental issues – cultivating a deeper relationship with life that reflects the interconnectedness of all life.” They list four principles: Interconnectedness Reverence for... more
Paul Alfrey - Balkan Ecology Project |
Friday, 24th November 2017
This is the third year of our Market Garden Polyculture Study. Our trials include a comparison between growing vegetables in polycultures and growing them in more traditional blocks as well as our experimentation with annual vegetable polycultures. Below you will find an overview of the trial garden and the polycultures we are growing, a... more
Permaculture magazine |
Thursday, 23rd November 2017
The Sustainability Centre in Hampshire, UK (home of Permaculture magazine) had been laying hedges since 1997. The groaning of twisted hazel branches and the splitting of green wood was a common sound for the first decade of the 21st century. But, this came to an abrupt end in 2015 when the courses became no longer feasible. A combination of lack... more
Maddy Harland |
Monday, 20th November 2017
What elements of design in permaculture can be linked to agroecological practices and to what extent are they functional in terms of sustainable or regenerative farm productivity and in what context? Agroecology works well with permaculture design: it uses stacking to create multi-functional yields, microclimates, greater edges, biodiversity,... more
Guy Lambourne |
Friday, 17th November 2017
What joy! Putting up a tent in a gale and pouring rain. In October. We’d had the same thought – departure after tea might be wise, so had avoided the tent. In fact, the general bonhomie amongst seventy or so coppice workers, intriguing discussions and a fascinating visit to a 700 acre Gloucestershire Wildlife Trust woodland nature reserve,... more
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 17th November 2017
What distinguishes permaculture from other holistic design or growing methods is that it aims to create more than a system of sustainable agriculture or organic horticulture; it uses (eco) systems thinking to explore the drivers and ideas behind more lasting, permanent cultures. Its ethics and principles can be applied to living systems (gardens,... more
Sjoerd Wartena & Elisabeth Winkler |
Monday, 13th November 2017
It all started in 1972. My wife Elisabeth and I were leading a quite well-to-do university existence in Amsterdam. I worked with medieval manuscripts but was more interested in the present. We were inspired by the back-to-nature movement, and visited communes in the US, then France. In 1973, we started a 25-hectare goat farm from scratch in... more
Maddy Harland |
Wednesday, 25th October 2017
Being a permaculture practitioner, I recently visited Sattva Land, a tropical food forest and the Maya Mountain Research Farm (MMRF), both in Belize to learn more about how permaculture design works in tropical climates. Both the projects were built on lands where conventional farming techniques had been used, causing exhausted soils, erosion and... more |
Monday, 23rd October 2017
Adding a little sunshine to your life by getting outside more can relieve anxiety and reduce depression. If you live in higher latitudes with little sunlight, a light box may provide some mood-boosting benefits. From treating skin conditions to strengthening bones, sunlight has other health benefits as well. Sunlight, Serotonin and Mental Health... more