Jessica Witchell |
Saturday, 1st March 2003
"When we rise in the morning... at the table we drink coffee from which is provided for us by a South American, or tea by a Chinese, or cocoa by a West African. Before we leave for our jobs we are already beholden to more than half the world." - Martin Luther King Food is an excellent medium to explore how our lives are intricately linked to other... more
Michael Guerra |
Friday, 1st November 2002
On the basis of the Arabic numbering system that we use, 10 years is a good time to reflect on the progress of permaculture (though permaculture has been around in Britain for 20 years, and it's been nearly 30 since its inception in Australia). For me also it is a good time to contemplate, as our small urban patch is now 10 years old. So it was 11... more
Barbara Jones |
Thursday, 1st August 2002
Building With Straw Bales – a practical guide for the UK and Ireland by Barbara Jones is available from the Green Shopping Catalogue  When designing your own straw bale house, think about what you want it to look like and how you want it to feel inside. Try to forget anything you've been told about building and imagine your ideal space, however... more
Patrick Whitefield |
Wednesday, 1st May 2002
Planting a new wood is an exciting project – whether on one's own land or as part of a community project. Trees are the biggest living things on land, and the longest lived. Decisions made now will stand for decades if not centuries, so it's worth taking a great deal of care over the design of a woodland. The Land Not all places are equally... more
Kiko Denzer |
Friday, 1st March 2002
An oven is just a hole in the ground – light a fire, heat it up, and bake! An earthen oven is about that complicated. If you made mud pies when you were a kid, you can make a beautiful mud oven. You can also do it for nothing (or next to it), and it will work as well as a custom-built masonry or ceramic model costing thousands. Earth is not only... more
Charlotte Philcox |
Thursday, 1st November 2001
In Norwich earlier this year, a group of campaigners hosted a debate on GMOs, 'Feeding or Fooling the World?'. Attended by some 400 people, it was offered as an alternative to an international conference organised by the John Innes Centre, one of the world's leading centres for GM crop research, which is based in the city. Whilst all those... more
Patrick Whitefield |
Wednesday, 1st August 2001
The basic idea of permaculture is that we take natural ecosystems as the model for what we do ourselves. This is all very well if you have a farm or woodland to work with, or even a large garden. But what about people who only have a small urban garden, or even no garden at all? How can they use permaculture? It would be pretty difficult if... more
Ben Law |
Tuesday, 1st May 2001
For many years now there has been a 'dividing wall' between the two disciplines of agriculture and forestry in Britain. At best, the concept of growing food amongst the dense shade of a woodland has been seen as futile; yet all around the world forest dwellers have cultivated food and fruit trees as well as foraged and hunted for wild food. Living... more
Michael Littlewood |
Tuesday, 1st May 2001
Foot and mouth disease is but the latest in a series of livestock catastrophes which reflect the unhealthy state of farming today. Just 1% of the population manages the land that covers 90% of the country. This is made possible only by heavy dependence on expensive outside energy, heavy machinery, monoculture planting, chemical interference and... more
Tony Wrench |
Thursday, 1st February 2001
The 'sooner or later' brings in the other aspect of sustainability – that we are looking at a very long time scale – longer than any political party has ever remained in power; longer than any one human being has lived. We are looking beyond our simple human concerns to the wellbeing of the whole ecosystem – all life on earth. With these... more