Tony Wrench |
Thursday, 1st February 2001
The 'sooner or later' brings in the other aspect of sustainability – that we are looking at a very long time scale – longer than any political party has ever remained in power; longer than any one human being has lived. We are looking beyond our simple human concerns to the wellbeing of the whole ecosystem – all life on earth. With these... more
Michael Littlewood |
Wednesday, 1st November 2000
There can be no doubt that swimming in water containing chemicals does have an adverse effect on many people's health, both internally and externally. If you are living a holistic lifestyle, eating organic produce, using alternative medicine, drinking spring water etc., then it makes sense to avoid swimming in a pool containing chemicals. To be... more
Andy Langford |
Tuesday, 31st October 2000
"No epicure dish served at the most expensive restaurant can compare with fresh fruit, organically grown without chemicals, picked from one's own garden." - The Forest Garden by Robert Hart Robert Hart died peacefully on the 7th March 2000 at a nursing home in Church Stretton, Shropshire. It was not a great surprise as I knew he had been ailing... more
Susan Whiteway |
Tuesday, 1st August 2000
So, there we were. It's the early 1990s: we have two small children, a business that has been sunk by recession and no home. Oh, and we're both in our forties. Forty it seems is the decade when employers assume that those seeking employment over that portentous age are in the early and inevitable stages of creeping senility. We therefore disposed... more
Robina McCurdy |
Thursday, 1st June 2000
Tui has a steady stream of visitors, coming to experience community life for a short period of time. Most people are primarily interested in the social aspects of community living. Of all the questions asked, by far the most common are around issues of human relationships within a close living context. As a reflection of 'Western' society today,... more
Richard Edwards |
Wednesday, 1st March 2000
Cookbooks are full of them, Charlie Dimmock has had her hands on them and, as one has come to expect, the supermarkets have sourced their own plastic versions... We are, of course, talking about 'wild' mushrooms. Not only are we being told how to cook them but there are maps telling us where to go to collect them; what time of year to go looking... more
Sir Julian Rose |
Wednesday, 1st March 2000
The traditional rural economy appears to be in a state of terminal decline, a process which probably started with the Enclosures Act in the 17th century, accelerated by the Industrial Revolution, and became virtually moribund in the latter half of the 20th century. By traditional, I mean a rural economy whose lifeblood is essentially agrarian;... more
Jonah Reynolds |
Monday, 1st November 1999
The Hut Earthship is earthquake proof and hurricane resistant. It offers quick and immediate shelter that is strong and easy to build, catching water from the sky and providing clean water for the inhabitant. Earthship Architecture is designed to be modular, to grow, to open like a beautiful flower. The 'Hut' is the smallest Earthship type... more
Paul Allen |
Monday, 1st March 1999
As 1999 gets underway, many people around the globe will be wondering what this year's weather will bring. Even before 1998 came to a close, it was clearly one for the record books. Average global temperatures broke all records. China was swept by its worst floods in three decades, two thirds of Bangladesh was underwater for most of the summer. At... more
Malcolm Burgess |
Thursday, 1st October 1998
Imagine living in the middle of a 400 acre ancient oak wood. As I write this in May, I'm listening to singing wood warblers, redstarts and recently fledged tawny owls. The wood is teeming with life and bursting with spring growth. Following the path through the wood you come to an open barn, the working area of the wood. The path continues past.... more