Effective Permaculture Teachings Begin in Poland

Ola Zulawinska
Monday, 23rd July 2012

Permaculture ideas, principles and techniques have now richly emerged in Poland. Poland has been using basic Permaculture techniques for several years. About 20 - 30 years ago, you could find "edible forest gardens" at almost every village house in Poland. The forest gardens were an effective way to grow crops in season and preserve the surplus for a later date.

Presently, the entire Permaculture concept is in full use. There has been a strong community effort and around 1.5 million of traditional, pro-ecological, small farms have produced food for their families and eventually sold surpluses. The farmers have taught themselves the correct ecological choices that have made a huge impact on thousands of people. As a community, they have come together by using the local and renewable resources to preserve local areas and build a rich foundation to increase biodiversity in order to provide themselves fresh and healthy food all year round.

Traditional farm teaches modernity:

As a population we have seen that the mass scale farming system does not provide a healthy or effective lifestyle. Currently, we can walk into any shop and buy 'ripe' fresh fruits and vegetables all year round that are heavily sprayed with toxic chemicals. The small sustainable farms in Poland have used Permaculture as a solution to the mass scale farming system. It is important that the communities are educated and informed about the entire concept of Permaculture. If we grow our own foods or buy them from small farms we are not promoting the massive Western agriculture industry and we will stand at a much better place ecologically.

(The oldest building in the ECOCENTRE ICPPC).


Such a small holding became a base for creating the ECOCENTRE ICPPC. This is a place where children, youth and adults learn traditional, country skills and modern, eco-technologies. 

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