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David Casey & Shayna Gladstone
Thursday, 10th December 2015

Travelling can be a life changing event: Learning new skills, meeting new people and visiting working permaculture centers. Networking site, NuMundo, aims to bring travellers and permaculture centers together, creating valuable new experiences for everyone.

East End Eden is a home, workplace, farm and education center nestled in the beautiful Ojai Valley for passionate permanent residents and work-traders giving their time for education and accomodation.

It exists primarily to be a demonstration site for regenerative living. Using permaculture ethics and principles as the foundation, they’ve created integrated animal systems, food forests, earthworks, greywater systems, composting systems and have naturally built structures.

Every day, meals are shared together and farm duties are attended to. The glue that holds this community together is laughter, passion for the earth and celebration. They have a permaculture Workshop on January 16th and 17th in Ojai, California, for folks to learn the foundations of regenerative living. More information on that can be found here.

East End Eden is just one of the many permaculture centres to feature on the new networking site, NuMundo.

NuMundo is a network to connect individuals looking for more meaning and purpose in their lives to transformative educational experiences. The global network consists of over 100 regenerative education centers, the majority concentrated in Latin America. Through NuMundo, individuals will be able to find life changing travel experiences, whilst learning about permaculture and giving something back to the centers they visit.

NuMundo is cultivating a decentralized learning network of experimental communities who are sharing resources, techniques, models, and strategies for how to live in a better way. Our vision is to replicate and scale best practices, and create a resilient network of communities for the future. NuMundo’s blog, Transformational Times, features model guides from successful centers and empowering articles by travelers sharing their transformational experiences while visiting centers.

Many of us have had a travel experiences that have changed the way we relate to the world. Experiencing new perspectives and possibilities of how our lives can be, can fundamentally shift our values and behavior. Through travel, we distance ourselves from routine patterns and open to potentiality. The NuMundo network is designed for the traveler to move forward into a different way of being, rather than a means of escape or 'vacation'. It is 'lifestyle travel'.


Participating centers

NuMundo centers are chosen based on their educational offerings and their commitment to the values of regeneration of the earth and transformation of the individual. Each center is a unique experiment in a different way of living. Centers range from indigenous communities to futuristic ecovillages. Some centers specialize in the 'hard skills' like permaculture design, natural building, and appropriate technology, while others focus on cultivating Zone 0 through yoga, meditation, and spiritual practices. As a minimum requisite to be listed, each center must be able to provide accommodation and educational engagement to a guest.

Verdenergia in Costa Rica is another great example of a permaculture education center. Verdenergia is an intentional community that hosts a year-round permaculture apprenticeship and volunteer program, along with courses at different times during the year. Their food is sourced locally, and they have carefully cultivated relationships with local farmers. They are actively working to save neighboring properties from deforestation and industrial palm oil production by offering an alternative model of development through cacao-based polyculture and cooperative ownership. NuMundo is featuring a Permaculture Design Course through their current crowdfunding campaign at Verde Energia as well as a two week immersive stay.



NuMundo has just launched, and is now seeking European listings. Projects can be submitted here: (You will need to quickly login)

NuMundo has simultaneously launched a crowdfunding campaign to fuel the next stage of development with grassroots community financing. The new features that this crowdfunder is supporting are Opportunity Profile and Opportunity Directory, the Individual Profile, and Reviews of projects.

They need the support from the whole permaculture movement to continue building the vision of the website! Please donate and share:

Many centers in the NuMundo network have donated incredible experiences to the crowdfunder, such as Permaculture Design Courses (PDCs) and internships. You can support NuMundo’s growth and claim one of these experiences.


Further resources

Want to learn more about NuMundo? Listen to David Casey discus it on the Permaculture Podcast at

Visit NuMundo at

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