The Simple Life on the Cut

Alice Griffin
Sunday, 23rd October 2011

In this short story, Alice tells us what it's like to live life on the road... but in her case, the road is a canal and her vehicle is a narrow boat

Setting off early, the fog is light and feathery on waters turned matte grey by mist. There is a slight frost laying thinly on the ground. I reach down to touch it with my shivering fingers to see if it is real, before I pick up the rope and jump aboard.

We are wrapped up in coats, hats and boots; sturdy boots that won't slip as we jump on and off the boat, untying ropes and easing her bow slowly round with a pole so as not to wake our still-sleeping neighbours. We are captains of our ship, captains of the waterways, which are undoubtedly at their best when the rush of summer traffic has subsided, when early mornings are our own, interrupted only by the pretty chirpings of a blackbird as she perches on the ridge of a stone barn.

I work the lock gates silently, a passing jogger helping me to push. I wave my frozen hands – cold from the metal of my windlass – at my daughter and her friend through the window as they lounge in bed munching hot cheese on toast and chocolate muffins, overdosing on Winnie the Witch books. By the time I am waiting at the gate for our boat to pass through I am several metres above them; their pretty faces are now stuck to the window pane beaming their smiles up at me. I laugh before closing up the gate and running down the towpath to jump on the front.

The sun comes up, her warmth welcome, and the girls are finally coaxed out onto the deck where they feed passing ducks. By the time we moor up for the day at a peaceful spot across from open fields, the sun is so warm we change into flip-flops. I sit on the front of the boat while my daughter plays with sand on the towpath and bids hello to other boaters as they drift in and out. Mooring for lunch, mooring for afternoon tea, mooring just because.

I needed this.

To be reminded, once again, why we have chosen this way of life: for the freedom, the beauty, the nature at every turn.

I hang my handmade handbags in the window with bright signs saying "For Sale!" and feel like a wandering water gypsy from times-gone-by.

There is no better life for me - for us - I think to myself.

Alice Griffin writes a regular blog, gardens and gets crafty from her narrowboat, which currently cruises at 4mph up and down the Grand Union Canal.