The Urban Edible Office Terrace

Nati Mady
Wednesday, 4th July 2012

Greening the City urban blogger Nati Mady reveals her edible office terrace

After a couple of months of hauling soil up 3 storeys, contending with urban pigeons and struggling with windy wet weather the Edible Terrace at my office is finally growing. The idea of the project is to see how much food we can grow on the un-used section of the roof terrace and to inspire my colleagues about urban food growing whilst also creating a nice green space which can be enjoyed throughout the summer. We are trying to source materials for free and make use of items in the local area that would be doomed for the rubbish tip. So far we have made mini-greenhouses out of pallets and plastic sheeting, used cable reels as planting containers and collected thick tubing to harvest rain water. Here is what we have done so far...

How the space looked at the beginning with our first mini-greenhouse on the right 

Terrace transformation


The beginning of our climbing wall of beans, peas, and edible flowers

Safe and cosy out of the wind inside mini-greenhouse number 2 

Salad bed with rocket, lettuce, mizuna and chard made from old pallets

Nati Mady is a passionate sustainable living Londoner who writes Blog, Greening the City. 

jaffwatson |
Fri, 05/07/2013 - 08:33
This is the most productive use that i have seen of an terrace area. I think this way others can also use there terrace area for ECO friendly purpose.