Urban Permaculture Growing with Juliet Kemp

Rozie Apps
Tuesday, 15th October 2013

Permaculture in Pots author, Juliet Kemp, shares her knowledge and passion for growing food in small spaces month by month, on Shoreditch Radio.

Permaculture in Pots: How to grow food in small urban spaces, provides a month-by-month guide on growing food and moving towards a more self reliant lifestyle.

Talking to Stefan Geyer's show, 21st Century Permaculture on Shoreditch Radio, author Juliet Kemp, gives everyone in an urban areas the inspiration to grow. Whether you have a small garden, patio or balcony, fruit and vegetables can be grown in pots and containers, whatever your space, and long into the autumn as the city is a microclimate!

Juliet describes with passion and excitement how to her, permaculture is sustainability cycles, explaining how you can incoropate permaculture principles into urban growing techniques.

Through stacking, using the marginal, successional sowing and companion planting, these principles provide delicious homegrown food in a sustainably managed environment.
 Juliet loves to grow her own food and believes in building a garden system that helps support itself and you, with minimal effort. 

Have a listen to the full interview here www.mixcloud.com/21stCenturyPermaculture/29th-sept-2013/ and learn more about permaculture, growing in pots and feel inspired to begin your growing journey.

Further resources

You can buy Permaculture in Pots: how to grow food in small urban spaces from our Green Shopping site at www.green-shopping.co.uk/books/pp/juliet-kemp/permaculture-in-pots.html for a reduced price of £9.70.

Pots is also available on Kindle.

For more about Juliet Kemp visit her blog at http://julietkemp.com/

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