Jordan Thomas |
Tuesday, 3rd July 2018
The first time Don Guillermo took me to his fields, we walked amidst pyramids that were black silhouettes against a star-filled sky. Guillermo always left for the fields at this early hour: when the night was at its darkest, as if in preparation for the blinding heat that the sun would soon bring to this tropical landscape. One mile into our walk... more
Alan Heeks |
Wednesday, 27th June 2018
All of us depend on front line services: they include health, local authorities, education, care, and a myriad of voluntary sector organisations such as charities, help networks, and community groups. They are a safety net, and as stresses grow for most people, we need the support of front line services more than ever. But most of these services... more
Stephanie Hafferty |
Thursday, 21st June 2018
The hedgerows are filled with creamy elderflowers. It’s time to forage! Choose elderflower heads that are in full blossom and at their most fragrant to make delicious drinks, skin care and preserves. If you can, try to collect your flowers from areas without too much traffic pollution and above the “wee line”. (Imagine a passing wild animal or dog... more
Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 20th June 2018
A permaculture experience in July 2017 was developed in a Haiti community with Bora Permacultura and the missionary project ICDM. From this the need for a manual to support the teaching of some 'permaculture' techniques in the local language (Haitian Creole) arose. After months of work, this has been created, and the free to download, Bon Bagay:... more
Maddy Harland |
Friday, 8th June 2018
I am dreaming ... I am dreaming that I am in a rainforest. I can feel the tropical warmth on my skin and hear the rich soundscape of the jungle. My sight is filled with wonderful, vibrant growth where every niche is inhabited, from the highest canopy of flowering trees in which hummingbirds flit and drink to the darker lush recesses of the jungle... more
Permaculture magazine |
Wednesday, 6th June 2018
Permaculture magazine is launching the Permaculture Magazine Prize 2018 with a fund of £20,000.  It will consist of one main award of £10,000 and four runners up of £2,500. The prize is open to any permaculture project in the world. There is also a £5,000 Youth in Permaculture Prize for people 25-years-old and under. For more information visit: ... more
Bernie Sheehan and Mick Collins |
Friday, 1st June 2018
Bernie Sheehan interviews Mick Collins about his new book, The Visionary Spirit. How does The Visionary Spirit take up the manifesto of human transformation outlined in your first book, The Unselfish Spirit? The Unselfish Spirit provides a theoretical background that explores how the global crisis is also a spiritual crisis. It makes a case for... more
Maddy Harland |
Tuesday, 15th May 2018
The Oxford Real Farming Conference has become a regular fixture in my calendar. Now bigger than the ‘other’ (National Farmer’s Union) conference taking place in the same city at the same time, it is the go-to event for farmers, smallholders, policy makers, horticulturists, experimenters, environmentalists, campaigners, academics, mainstream... more
Rory Dimond |
Friday, 11th May 2018
It’s no secret that bees are major pollinators of our produce, visiting the flowers of 90 per cent of leading crop types. Alongside other pollinators they help to produce over a third of the food we grow, from apples to aubergines to almonds. This free pollination service rakes in £651 million a year for UK farmers alone. Yet bees have been poorly... more
Travis Tennessen |
Tuesday, 8th May 2018
It’s a Tuesday morning in March. Sunlight pokes through the grey Pacific Northwest sky above Bellingham, Washington. The rain has stopped, for now. Folks trickle into the conference room, propping bike helmets, umbrellas, and rain jackets along the edges, and commiserating about the emergent spring. Someone has seen a daffodil in bloom! We help... more