World Book Day: 10 Must Have Classic Permaculture Books

Permaculture magazine
Wednesday, 28th February 2018

We've got 10 must-have permaculture books for you, ranging from gardening and food growing, to people care, permaculture design, farming, and DIY. Absolute classics!

To celebrate World Book day, March 1st, the team here at Permaculture Magazine have put together our 10 Classic, Must-have Permaculture books.

* Permaculture Design: a step-by-step guide by Aranya

The ultimate guide to design.


* No Dig Organic Home & Garden: grow, cook, use & store your harvest by Charles Dowding & Stephanie Hafferty

Everything you need to know about growing, cooking and preserving organic food.


* People and Permaculture by Looby Macnamara

Ground breaking book on social permaculture.

* Fertile Edges: regenerating land, culture and hope by Maddy Harland

A visionary global view of permaculture.


* The Permaculture City: regenerative design for urban, suburban, & town resilience by Toby Hemenway

How cities can be designed using permaculture principles.Permaculture-City.jpg

* Gaia's Garden: a guide to home-scale permaculture by Toby Hemenway

A classic guide to permaculture gardening.


* Miraculous Abundance: one quarter acre, two french farmers, and enough food to feed the world by Charles and Perrine Hervé-Gruyer

How to create highly productive market garden with permaculture growing techniques.


* Earth Care Manual: a permaculture handbook for britain and other temperate climates by Patrick Whitefield

The ultimate guide to temperate permaculture.


* Vegan Book of Permaculture by Graham Burnett

An easy introduction to permaculture for anyone wanting to eat more plant-based food.


* The Permaculture Book of DIY by John Adams and friends

Packed with a range of DIY projects, mostly using upcycled and recycled materials.


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