Business for Bohemians

Tony Rollinson | Friday, 3rd February 2017
A guide for anyone thinking of becoming self-employed, want more free-time or even just want to be happier.
Author: Tom Hodgkinson
Publisher: Penguin
Publication year: 2016
RRP: £12.99

If you are thinking about how you can work for yourself, be happier and have more time for the things that you want, then Tom Hodgkinson’s personal guide is a hand to hold onto, both in terms of reassurance and sometimes just for grim death!

Hodgkinson is the founder and editor of The Idler and author of bestsellers like How To Be Free, but along the way he also ran a café and bookshop and these noble failures act as evidence of what NOT to do. Business For Bohemians could be targeted at permaculturists, in that you want to work hard but have time to experiment with growing (perhaps literally) other parts of your life.

Hodgkinson writes with great wit (you will laugh out loud) yet offers hard won personal examples as evidence. These pages are full of success and failure, of inspiration as well as cautionary tales. He talks to you about the need to make money, of accounting and spreadsheets, the importance of the mailing list and marketing, of websites, social media and who you choose to work with. But, the book’s main mantra is “never, ever overwork”. It shows you it is OK to fail, to quit, to do nothing, to slow down and smile.

Hodgkinson fills his pages with characters he has met along the way – you will know many of them – from Richard Branson or John Cooper-Clarke to the historical figures of Greece and English history he so loves. He asks who you wish to fill your world with, well, why not go out and make that world real? The book ends with a list of 12 things he gave up doing and news of a successful crowdfunding project (he offers you the truth on how he achieved that). It is by turns ‘ouch’, by turns funny but always committed, full of attitude and an inspiration to those who dare to be different.

Tony Rollinson is the sales director at PM