Coppicing & Coppice Crafts

Ben Law | Thursday, 7th July 2011
A great introduction to coppicing and coppice crafts written by authors who both have many years experience between them.
Author: Rebecca Oaks & Edward Mills
Publisher: The Crowood Press Ltd
Publication year: 2010
RRP: £19.95

This timely book is a great introduction to coppicing and coppice crafts. The writers have many years of practical experience between them and they share their insights into managing coppice woods and offer advice on finding a wood through to a varied selection of coppice crafts. The authors present detailed instruction on how to produce many kinds of woodland products from besom brooks, firewood and charcoal to hazel hurdles and coracles.

The book gives realistic insights into working in coppice woodlands, whether as a hobby, part of a wider enterprise or advice for setting up a coppice business. As a coppice worker myself, the book comes most to life with descriptions of products and the management of woods drawn from those local to the authors. The importance of training the next generation to work in coppice woodlands shines through with many of the trainees and accredited diplomats and their work being featured in the book.

This book weaves together coppicing for craft produce and nature conservation. To many, this symbiosis has always been the endearing part of the coppicing system. With colour photographs and clear line drawings, this is a useful book for anyone embarking on work in coppice woodlands or considering coppice management as a silvicultural option.

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