How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool

Ben Law | Thursday, 7th July 2016
A very practical guide, with the full science of how to keep water clean naturally, beautiful photography and a range of budgets for your own build.
Author: Wolfram Kircher and Andreas Thon
Publisher: Filbert Press
Publication year: 2016
RRP: £30.00

I have really enjoyed reading How to Build a Natural Swimming Pool. It is a great resource for anyone interested in building a natural swimming pool or simply wanting to know more.

As natural pools become ever more popular, there has been an increase in natural pool books. However this is much more of a manual than a picture book of how beautiful natural pools are. As a practical person, this is very important. The authors provide plenty of information on the landscape around the pool and the plant design, as well as the wildlife that will be attracted to the pool and its interactions. This is vital, as a natural pool should be able to blend in with its surroundings and become a part of them. There are also extensive pages on algae, which for me is brilliant as I’m fascinated by them. It also has a very in depth plant section, so that you have a variety of plants to choose from, for your specific requirements. 

There are a range of case studies from around the world making this a global resource, but perhaps not quite specific enough for your local environment. The case studies offer a wide range of photos and drawings to give you a range of examples. The risk of tropical diseases is also discussed.

My only concern is the budgeting for the projects. There are a range of budgets, from do-it-yourself, to employing a contractor. I feel the budgeting for the DIY pool is a little excessive, as I built my own on around half of the suggested cost, but I didn’t account for my own labour. Because all the pools include full pumping filtration systems, they are not the cheapest options and I would have liked to see a real low cost DIY version. Although you may not be able to afford some of the suggested pools, this book will still be valuable to your research.

This is a very practical guide, with the full science of how to keep water clean naturally.

It is a well laid out, detailed and useful book for anyone wanting to learn more about natural pools, and I only wish I’d read it before building my own.

Ben Law is a permaculture woodsman and author of several books, including The Woodland Way, The Woodland Year and Woodland Craft.

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