Knead To Know - The Real Bread Starter

Tony Rollinson | Monday, 1st July 2013
Tony reviews a new bread making book from The Real Bread Campaign and finds it is much more than a how to book on baking, encouraging healthy, nutritious, artisanal food for local communities too.
Author: The Real Bread Campaign
Publisher: Grub Street
Publication year: 2013
RRP: £15.00

Knead To Know could almost have been designed for the permaculture community. Not only is it a great look at the benefits of self-baking and eating 'real bread' but its joined-up thinking (the negative effects of mass produced bread consumption) ensures it is nothing short of essential. The book is full of information on ingredients, basic recipes, techniques, business models, legislation, money matters, equipment, voluntary apprenticeships, employment opportunities, courses, equipment and ingredient suppliers, and much more.

If you, like me, have recently taken to baking your own bread (it tastes so much better and saves us money), or are thinking about baking in your own home, then this book will encourage you to enjoy it even more and connect you with an empowering campaign that is helping people take control of the bread they are eating. What makes this book so relevant for permaculture people, those living in community, or those seeking to join with neighbours and set-up a community supported bakery, is that it so clearly looks at the bigger picture and places bread at the centre of food consumption, showing how we can cultivate and eat more satisfying breads.

Within the pages you have expert bakers and nutritionists talking you through the effects of additives in our foodstuffs. The book explains the virtues of breads made with flours of higher nutritional value and levels of dietary fibre. It explains how baking bread this way is better not just for you and your family, but for the whole planet. It may sound basic stuff, but isn't this the kind of education and encouragement we need to be sharing? There is a great selection of real bread recipes and wholesome slices of advice and encouragement for you to explore traditional baking methods.

I would recommend starting simply and there are some great bread mix options to begin with. You will soon gain confidence and become more adventurous. The book is stuffed full of contacts, so as you get the bug you will find it easy to find ingredient suppliers, helpful online links and some great bits of kit. (I'm sure many of you will also love looking at the traditional ovens available.)

The Real Bread Campaign is part of Sustain, the alliance for better food and farming. The campaign's key aims are to encourage people to eat more locally and produced real bread. People can join as individuals, bakeries, independent mills, community groups and even schools.



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