Make Your Own Aphrodisiacs

Glennie Kindred | Wednesday, 21st May 2014
Exploring a range of herbs for relaxation, stimulation, and rejuvenation, for all the senses.
Author: Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal
Publisher: Merlin Unwin Books
Publication year: 2011
RRP: £7.99

As with everything written and compiled by Julie Bruton-Seal and Matthew Seal, this interesting little book has its basis in sound medicinal herbalism, and helps us to deepen our understanding of how to use herbs.

They include many of the traditional herbs and plants from around the world that are used as aphrodisiacs, giving us plenty of fascinating and interesting stories relating to their history and origins as well as explaining their herbal actions.

They cover which herbs will stimulate, which herbs to use for relaxation, plants whose fragrances will help to arouse the senses, rejuvenating tonic herbs, and herbs that work directly on our hormone levels to increase libido.

This is a joyful book, a celebration of our sexual and sensuous nature. It is richly embellished with Julie's stunning photographs, and includes many simple and lovely- to-look-at recipes. It is rich, exotic and enthusiastic, as well as containing plenty of plain good sense.

It is generously held throughout with a good-hearted warmth and confidence that makes you feel inspired to have a go... and make your own aphrodisiacs! 

Glennie Kindred is the author of Letting in the Wild Edges, available for a special price of £11.21 from our Green Shopping site (also available as a pdf).

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