Permaculture for the Rest of Us

Rozie Apps | Tuesday, 2nd August 2016
An entertaining and insightful guide packed full of useful information on creating your own permaculture paradise.
Author: Jenni Blackmore
Publisher: New Society
Publication year: 2015
RRP: £14.00

The beauty of permaculture is that it mimics nature, which means it can be applied to all kinds of landscapes and environments. I’m always interested to hear how other people have implemented it to suit their lifestyle and situation, and there is always something to be learned.

That is exactly what Jenni Blackmore has produced here. While walking us through the design principles, Jenni provides an amusing story of her experience. Jenni lives on a windy island off the coast of Nova Scotia, so her garden is not the easiest of areas for growing food. But through multiple techniques, especially building soil through mulching, Jenni has created a multipurpose garden, with a range of foods for herself and her family.

Topics include: no-till vs. till gardening; composting and soil-building; natural pest control; integrating small livestock; basic greenhouse construction; harvesting, preservation and more.

I really enjoyed learning more about permaculture design through the experience of someone else. And although Jenni’s weather and terrain are very different from my own, I found her explanations and experiences easy to relate to. 

This is great guide for anyone wanting to learn more about permaculture in a friendly way. It is insightful, entertaining and informative, and will give confidence to everyone, especially those with smaller spaces, to start their journey in permaculture growing.

Rozie Apps grows her own food on an allotment patch and in her woodland garden. She is assistant editor at PM

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