The Song of the Earth – A Synthesis of the Scientific & Spiritual Worldviews

Swami Ambikananda Saraswati | Monday, 16th July 2012
A cutting edge new book that blends science with spirit and is written not by theorists but by people who live what they teach and write from all over the world.
Author: Edited by Maddy Harland & Dr William Keepin
Publisher: Permanent Publications
Publication year: 2012
RRP: £14.95

The most costly hunt in history for a particle that will open the doors to new understanding is, we are informed, almost over. The news of this unmasking, far beneath the bowels of the earth at CERN, was conducted in the usual manner of science today – that seeks to establish the scientist as the new high priest who alone among us has access to higher knowledge and the keys to freedom from the human condition.

The Song of the Earth – with its panorama of the scientific harmoniously blended with the spiritual – is an antidote to such attitudes. It calls for the realisation of our intrinsic oneness, and points to the outstanding offering of Gaia as the holder and teacher of the true global economy, this book is the antidote. The Song of the Earth is not anti-science but it calls on science to embrace a vision that does not reduce humanity's destiny to the inevitable entropy of its molecules. From the outset this book offers us an alternative perspective on human beings as holders of a consciousness that can flow in the direction of the full realisation of our potential – if only we direct it so.

The Song of the Earth is given power by the fact that its contributors are not merely theorists – they live what they teach and write. While this is a book of astonishingly creative thought, it is not simply another outburst of grand theory. Rather, it is the outpouring of lived experience.

Those of us who are teachers and community leaders need to applaud and thank the authors. It can enrich and inform all the work that we do.

Swami Ambikananda Saraswati
Founder : The Traditional Yoga Association, Reading, UK 

The Song of the Earth is endorsed by UNITAR and co-published with Gaia Education. It is also available as a free eBook.