Graham Burnett

Permaculture teacher, author, urban gardener and Trustee of the Permaculture Association.

Graham Burnett |
Wednesday, 13th December 2017
The late Patrick Whitefield’s first book Permaculture In a Nutshell was published back in 1993. At that time there was very little literature available about this innovative new way of creating human habitats by working with nature’s patterns, particularly for those of us that lived in the UK rather than hotter or drier climates. Two decades on... more
Graham Burnett |
Thursday, 24th March 2016
Ross Mars’ Basics of Permaculture Design was one of the first books I read when first becoming interested in permaculture during the ’90s. As the title suggests, this was very much a ‘does what it says on the tin’ manual, full of practical advice, and whilst not as detailed or in depth as, say, Bill Mollison’s A Designers’ Manual, it was easier to... more
Graham Burnett |
Thursday, 26th February 2015
I believe that the Permaculture Design Course offers very good value for money, and is a worthwhile investment for individuals, projects and organisations. For example, many of my past students have used the skills and experiences gained to supplement their livelihoods by offering design consultation services, or have discovered ways to become... more
Graham Burnett |
Saturday, 13th December 2014
Some of the online responses to my recently published Vegan Book of Permaculture have highlighted a polarity that exists between vegans and those who use animal products or integrate animals into their systems. Whilst I think most of the time both sides of the debate co-exist (reasonably) happily together, it's an emotive topic, and when it does... more
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Monday, 9th January 2012
I bought the Earth Users Guide way back in 1994. It was at a time when I'd realised that there was much more to permaculture than making herb spirals and sheet mulch beds, and was desperately hungry to find out more. I'd borrowed Permaculture One and the Designers Manual from the library, but have to admit that as a newcomer didn't find them... more
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Wednesday, 30th March 2011
Inspired by the work of Transition Town Totnes and Transition Town Brixton, a small group of friends and activists met in 2007 to discuss ways of responding to the challenges of climate change, peak oil and financial insecurity in South East Essex. We agreed that one of the most appropriate functions of any similar project in this heavily... more
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Monday, 3rd August 2009
The Alternative Kitchen Garden is, according to author Emma Cooper, an evolving idea of what a kitchen garden could be in the twenty first century – organic, environmentally sustainable, resilient and about re-localising at least some of our food production. Its also a place not only for learning and practising growing skills but for enjoying... more