Permaculture Magazine Award 2022

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Welcome to the Permaculture Magazine Award

Permaculture magazine wants to specifically award money to permaculture projects that reach ordinary people and demonstrate best practice permaculture both in terms of ecological and socially / culturally innovative design. Any project can apply if it has been functioning for at least three years and has established its place within its community.

This £15,000 award is open to people and projects that are: 

*      Regenerating damaged land

*      Enhancing habitat and biodiversity

*      Helping people to gain practical and community skills

*      Adding value to produce and developing local economies

*      Building community, creating social glue and greater economic resilience

*      Modelling new ways of cooperating and new cultural paradigms 

Eligibility guidelines

• We encourage entries from anywhere in the world.

The applications open Saturday 30th April 2022 and close Sunday 12th June 2022, 23:59 GMT.

• Only one application per project.

• Prizes are for ongoing work (not as a reward for past work).

• If offered a prize, recipients must:
     * Prepare information on the winning project for the awards announcement
     * Fill in an evaluation form 10 months from the award being given
     * Support the PR and outreach activity for the prize.

Please use the form below to submit your application for the Permaculture Magazine Award 2022. 

Winners will be announced in PM114 Winter 2022 and online in November 2022.

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