Seed Festival: Planting Big Ideas

Friday, July 19, 2019 - 5:00pm to Sunday, July 21, 2019 - 1:00pm
Location: Stroud, Hawkwood

We are in a tipping point right now of Climate Change Awareness. 
The UN report says endless growth needs to end. 
David Attenborough turns 93 and has witnessed the change firsthand. 
Greta Thunberg's unwavering courage and crystal clear message had millions
 of children, young people and parents standing with her.
 The legacy of Ecocide Lawyer Polly Higgins.
Passionate Campaigners risking it all for change.
 Governments and Local councils declaring a climate emergency,
Huge wins for the Green Party.
 The environment is in the headlines most nights. 
New records show the UK running off renewables and not coal. 
The lists goes on and on
Here at Hawkwood's Seed Festival
 we feel our BIG conversation
isn't just for the deep green and converted
but is on everyone's lips.
 This is a Zeitgeist moment!

Music includes:

Kakatsitsi & Mbilio one of Africa’s leading drumming groups is joining us on Saturday night at Seed. Funky, danceable drumming grooves playing WOMAD, Shambala & Glastonbury Festivals. They are joined by Mbilou who is an ‘Nganga’ ceremony leader and his sacred harp that speaks the indigenous voice of the ancestors and the African rainforest.

Also London-based Ember storytelling collective will host a late night storytelling session ‘round the fire. Bringing old myths and folklore to life, weaving them amongst songs and music, the Embers will also open the floor to others who may want to share a story or song. So come gather round the fire, get comfortable and enjoy!

Drew Dellinger (USA) - Kakatsitsi & Mbilio (Ghana) - Nigel Shaw - Carrie Tree - 
Seize the Day - Shunju (AUS) - Lewis Barefoot - Ember Collective
, Kitty Stewart - Matt Harvey - The Liz Terry Collective - Faeland
 Murray Kyle (AUS) - Mal Webb & Kyle Morrigan (AUS) - Lucy Mayhew
 The Fox and The Owl - Rob Forest - Sarah Hinds - Shunya  (AUS)
 Natalie Fee & Angus Brel -  Lisa Schneidau - Magdalena Atkinson
Tarisha - Alec Manoah Harrison - Tallulah Rendall - Elise Quill Cohen - The Butterfly Wheel - Jackie Singer and many more

Speakers include:

Jon Young - 8 Shields (USA)
Jonathon Porritt - Forum for the Future
Gillan Burke - BBC Spring watch
Ed Gillespie - Futerra
Juliet Davenport - Founder/CEO of Good Energy - a British renewable electricity company with a difference
Kit Beazley - Triodos Bank - helping to create a society that protects & promotes quality of life & human dignity for all
Mac Macartney - Embercombe Founder/Author with his new book The Children's Fire: Heartsong of a People
Dame Fiona Reynolds - Master of Emmanuel College, Cambridge & recent National Trust Director-General
Helen Browning - CEO of The Soil Association speaks on her new book Pig
Dr Gail Bradbrook - Co-Founder of Extinction Rebellion
Bibi Van der Zee - Editor on Animals Farmed, a global Guardian series on farming & food production
Matthew Taylor - Chief Executive of the RSA, influencing policy, politics, public service reform and cultural theory
Rachel Huxley - C40 Cities Director of Knowledge and Learning
Maddy Harland - Editor Permaculture Magazine & Author Fertile Edges: Regenerating the land, culture & hope
Roman Krznaric - Author, change maker who is bringing his new book to the festival - How to be a Good Ancestor
Alison Tickell - Julie’s Bicycle Founder - helping the cultural sector to reduce its environmental impact
Craig Bennett - Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Friends of the Earth. Speaker, lecturer, change maker
Rob Hopkins - Co-Founder of Transition Town Totnes & Transition Network. Lets Make Britain Imaginative Again
Dr Andy Letcher - Schumacher College lecturer on Sacred Activism: Spirituality at a time of Crisis
Shaun Chamberlin - Author and editor speaks on The Sequel to Economic Growth - A Future Worth Rebelling For
Giles Hutchins - Speaker, author, strategist, coach - shares a new kind of leadership, one in harmony with nature
Albert Bates - Emergency Planetary Technician. Founder of Global Village Institute for Appropriate Technology
Ian Redmond - OBE. UNEP Convention on Migratory Species, Ape Alliance and the Gorilla Organization


Permaculture Magazine will have a stall of books, magazines and permie clothing
Plus many other stalls selling FairTrade and hand crafted goodies