Empowering Women with Permaculture

Thursday, August 31, 2017 - 5:00pm to Sunday, September 3, 2017 - 4:00pm
Location: Applewood, Herefordshire

Course Summary: An experiential journey for women who are seeking to find their voice, walk further on their journey and reach their potential.

What women will receive from the course:

  • Confidence.
  • Greater clarity about their life path.
  • Practical strategies for integrating permaculture more deeply into their
  • daily lives.
  • Developing shared sense of meaning.
  • An understanding of why women are powerful but often are not seen as the
  • spokespeople/teachers
  • How to give and receive mentoring and support.
  • The opportunity to do a little practical work (building, making) and expand our comfort zones around practical activities
  • A safe space to share and connect deeply with a circle of women
  • A chance to also connect with the sense of place and the land – an emerging permaculture smallholding!

Women's Empowerment

How do men and women differ and are we comfortable with those differences? When do we as women need to become more visible and how do we develop our confidence as natural leaders? Can we empower ourselves using the wisdom of natural systems to more fully develop our potential? How do we as women learn to support each other in this process and do we fully understand the shadow aspects of this work?

Looby Macnamara and Maddy Harland want to explore these subjects with a circle of women within a permaculture context. They invite you to come to a three-day intensive at a permaculture centre, camp out on the land, and be close to nature in a nurturing and safe environment with good food. This is an opportunity for you to breathe deeply; connect with your inner potential; understand what holds you back; gain insights from natural systems that are embedded within permaculture principles; and learn with other women how you can become more empowered, more you!

There are three main strands to this course, the first is the opportunity to work through our own limiting beliefs and blocks and go on a personal journey of empowerment. The second strand is to understand the cultural constructs that govern our thoughts and behaviours and to develop ways to empower every women on the planet to offer their gifts to the world. The third is to deepen our understanding of the patterns of natural systems and how can learn from nature to live with more balanced and wisdom.

About Maddy Harland and Looby Macnamara

Maddy Harland co-founded Permanent Publications in 1990 and is the editor of Permaculture magazine. Maddy helped set up The Sustainability Centre in 1995, a former Naval base, now a thriving educational charity on the South Downs in Hampshire, UK. Maddy is also a founder of Gaia Education. She is a Visiting Knoweldge and Exchnage Fellow at the University of Winchester. She has a passion for regenerative food forests and wilderness.

Looby Macnamara is an experienced permaculture teacher. She is author of 2 books People and Permaculture and 7 Ways to Think Differently. People and Permaculture is the first book to directly translate the principles and design methods of permaculture from land to people. Looby is co-founder of Thriving Ways, a collective of facilitators passionate about using permaculture in personal and social situations. Looby is also one of the partners of Designed Visions, one of the UK’s leading permaculture training organizations. Looby enjoys using creative teaching methods to create a fun and collaborative learning environment.

The Venue

Applewood is a newly evolving permaculture training and demonstration centre. It is a 20 acre smallholding in North Herefordshire run by permaculture teachers and authors Looby Macnamara and Chris Evans. Applewood is an amazing natural resource with a blend of gardens and many different wild habitats and is a sanctuary for both wildlife and people. There is a deep sense of tranquility to be found whilst connecting with Grandmother Oak, the parliament of owls, and the immense starry skies.