Fertility Farming Workshops with Eugenio Gras

Start: Tuesday, July 16, 2013 - 1:00am Location: Cowdray Hall, West Sussex

The Biofertiliser course and Chromatography course will be held by Eugenio Gras, a 30 year veteran of regenerative agriculture. He has vast experience across the globe and his organisation MasHumus has thousands of alumni focussed on bringing cost-effective and simple regenerative agriculture technologies to every producer. His Cosecha de Agua y Tierra (Working with Water and Land) has sold thousands worldwide.

The aim of these workshops is to help people wrestle back control of their farm's fertility. With prices of fertilisers spiralling, it is the best time to learn how to make your own biofertilisers, control fungi before it is a problem, build soils quickly and cost-effectively and learn how to measure the interactions between minerals, gas and organic and living components in the soil.

Biofertilisers have enabled Latin American farmers to become independent from the unaffordable artificial types. They are now sharing their knowledge to the rest of the world, so others too can make their own biofertilisers.

The course is hands-on, showing you how to make all the fertilisers you'll need on your farm to restore fertility, including:

  • Phosphito - A water-soluble form of phosphorus suitable for plant intake

  • Biofertilsers - Microbial brews made from locally sourced materials which fertilses plants with a full range of active minerals

  • Soluble lime sulphur - A plant and soil friendly application for preventing fungal infections and pest infestations.

The two day Biofertiliser Workshop costs £230

There is also a one day Chromatography course for £115, which includes:

  • Chromatography intro & history.

  • Chroma practical - preparing & diluting samples.

  • Impregnation silver nitrate into filter paper.

  • Chroma running & developing.

  • Chroma interpretation presentation 

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