Grow It Yourself

Start: Saturday, July 20, 2013 - 1:01am Location: Birmingham University

The Glastonbury Festival for Growers will be in Birmingham for the The GIY (Grow it yourself) UK gathering.

It is in association with Carbon Gold and speakers include the BBC's Alys Fowler, Rachel de Thample, Mark Diacono and our very own Maddy Harland.

Bringing together some of the UK's leading food growers and advocates, the gathering will bring 300 people to a fun packed day of practical and philosophical talks. Included will be demonstrations, discussions and debates about local food the community growing movement and a chance to quiz expert growers.

Other speakers include Lia Leendertz, Craig Sams, Paul Clarke, Mark Ridsdill Smith, Chris Blythe and Michael Kelly, GIY founder, who will be sharing 10 vegetables you can grow to save the world. Talks include growing your own cocktails, mimicking nature for a low maintenance garden, wildlife in the veg patch and blight-free potatoes. Come along and learn anything and everything about growing your own food.

Alys Fowler, BBC presenter and author, will be speaking about why she loves weeds. She said: "Learning to grow food is always best done with others - it makes it in to something fun and social. GIY is based around this, by creating local groups of like-minded folk who want to learn to grow. Every time I go to Ireland I am blown away by how successful a system it is, so it's incredibly exciting to have it come to the UK. Whether you're on an allotment, in a back garden, on a balcony or sharing space in a community plot, GIY offers you a chance to get together with people in your neighbourhood, make new friends, grow great food and learn along the way." 

The gathering takes place on Saturday 20th July from 9am to 5pm and tickets cost £25.

GIY is an emerging global community of food growers who believe food growing can make the world a healthier, happier and more sustainable place. Their big idea is that we can grow more and better food, and have more fun in the process if we come together. There are hundreds of GIY groups and over 50,000 GIY-ers involved in the movement. The community is supported by the GIY Foundation (a registered charity) which runs events and programmes to build awareness and knowledge about growing food. GIY is proudly supported by Carbon Gold, innocent and Ashoka.  / Twitter: @GIYintl  / Facebook: GIY UK

Carbon Gold is the world's leading biochar company promoting the responsible production and use of biochar in the UK and internationally for both the health of our climate and health of our soils. GroChar products from Carbon Gold (soil improver, composts and fertiliser) are used by farmers, growers, allotment holders and home gardeners because they deliver superb results with no chemical additives.  / Twitter: @carbongold  / Facebook:

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