Oxford Real Farming Conference, January 3-4 2013

Start: Thursday, January 3, 2013 - 9:00am Location: Oxford

FOR OUR CHILDREN'S SAKE – SAVE OUR SOILS! Britain's industrial farms are destroying the unseen life of our soils and reducing the land's capacity to feed future generations, warn experts at the Oxford Real Farming Conference in January. Chemical fertilizers and pesticides have taken a heavy toll of the soil microbes – the living "food web" -- that plants depend on for healthy growth. Yields are now going down or leveling out while more and more chemicals are applied.

Now big business is turning to GM crops to get yields back on an upward trajectory – but new and untried technologies won't help. Only the tried and tested methods of good farming can restore soil fertility.

"The economists tell us that our grandchildren will still be paying off the national debt that we've built up over the last 10 years" said ORFC co-founder, Graham Harvey. "They'll still be paying off a massive soil-debt too – but no one's talking about that!

"But pioneering farmers are finding ways to rebuild soil fertility – and they'll be telling us how at the January conference."

The ORFC accepts no sponsorship from agrochemical companies – so we are free both to highlight the problems and to discuss the non-commercial solutions.

The 2013 ORFC is centred on farming – but everyone needs food and everyone has a stake in the countryside and in the future so everyone needs to know about it! 

For further information, contact

Graham Harvey: slowley@globalnet.co.uk 01984 640436

Colin Tudge: colin@colintudge.co.uk 01865 318997

Ruth West: ruthwest@gn.apc.org 01865 318997 

Twitter info: @ORFC #RealFarming

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