Permaculture Picturehouse, London with Maddy Harland & Mark Boyle

Start: Tuesday, March 5, 2013 - 6:45pm Location: Passing Clouds, Hackney, London

Permaculture magazine editor Maddy Harland and The Moneyless Manifesto author Mark Boyle will both speak at, and answer questions, at this popular monthly permaculture gathering. There will also be some short film, fine food, music and, of course most important of all, like minds. It is advisable to get to the venue early.

Maddy will talk about surviving climate change – with Lord Stern admitting he was wrong and that the situation is much worse than he thought and the head of the IMF recently telling us the next generation are going 'fry' plus the World Bank saying Climate change is the most important issue of our times, urging world leaders to prioritise it – the cat is truly out of the bag. She wants to ask how do we as permaculturists face the future? What does truly 'making a difference' mean and why should we bother? Most important, Maddy will talk about how we can use permaculture thinking to become more effective and resilient in a difficult, changing world.

Mark meanwhile will be in conversation with Stefan Geyer of the London Permaculture Network. So, get your thinking caps on, what would you like to hear Mark talk about?

Maddy co-founded Permanent Publications, a company dedicated to publishing low carbon solutions, in 1990. She became the editor of Permaculture magazine in 1994 and was a co-founder The Sustainability Centre in 1995. In 2004, she co-founded of Gaia Education, an international educational organization teaching practical sustainable development all over the world that is endorsed by the United Nations Training and Research body. Maddy enjoys inspiring others to find intelligent ecological and social solutions to the problems our society is facing in her editorials, columns, public speaking and workshops. She is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts.

Mark has lived completely without money in England for two and a half years and he is also the founder of Freeconomy, an alternative economy with local groups across 167 countries. He holds a degree in Business and for most of his professional career was involved in the management of organic food companies. He writes intermittently for various international newspapers and magazines, such as the Guardian and Permaculture magazine. He is currently in the process of creating a fully localised, land-based gift economy in the UK which will demonstrate how all the ideas and practical solutions described in Mark has lived completely without money in England for two and a half years and he is also the founder of The Moneyless Manifesto can be integrated into one holistic system design. Mark's first book, The Moneyless Man, has proven to be an international bestseller. 

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