Seed festival - planting big ideas

Start: Friday, July 17, 2015 - 1:01am Location: Hawkwood, Stroud

Placing Art at the Heart of Ecology - Let's Get Creative About our Future...

In 2015 Bristol, one of our closest cities celebrates being the Green Capital of Europe. Hawkwood's Seed Festival will focus on the sectors of society that are equipped to make the greatest difference and lead the way forward - business and the arts.

Seed Festival 2015 will feature leaders from local, national and international arenas who are advancing the latest innovations in the mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.

The debate will reveal the resulting social impact and show how businesses who are on the cutting edge of change can be aligned with social action, arts and celebration. Creative support, road maps, toolkits for our future world and lots of fun in beautiful surroundings are included in the package!

Speakers include: Charles Eisenstein, Natalie Bennett the Green Party Leader, Jonathon Porritt, Satish Kumar, Juliet Davenport from Good Energy, Vanessa Vine from BIFF! Britain & Ireland Frack Free, Jon Rae from Schumacher College and Looby Macnamara, permaculture teacher.

There will also be poetry from our latest author, Helen Moore (Ecozoa), storytellers and music from a wide range including Gambian kora genius Sura Susso and Frontline eco folk band Seize The Day.

The weekend will also include film, workshops and exhibits.

The Seed Festival takes place from 17-19th July 2015.